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  1. UBER

    BTW FYI my nickname IRL just happens to be "Uber", in regards to my avatar. Nothing to do with TF2 or Diablo II 8-) (random thread time)

    Whoop Audi A3 1.8T Sport :mrgreen:
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    Is that your car? Nice set of wheels there mate.
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    Yeah, cheers mate, bought it a few weeks ago to replace my smashed 106 Quiksilver (not my fault) :)
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    ahhh well german cars
    audi is the best and will ever be
    its very nice for tuning...everything looks nice with this car
    this is my car...audi 80 quattro

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    not bad.... well everyone has a german car?
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    My car:
    VW Polo GTI
    [Burning Wheels Motor Club]

    Speedtest: 210 km/h on highway (holy that was great) + n

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    Wow nice Beemer rofl! Lol Waebi nice hotrod. Nice Faf, nice Acid. Apparently you can tune my car up to 210bhp from 150bhp. It's fast enough for me at the moment to be honest... 8-)
  8. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: UBER

    Well I'm not going to claim it's mine, but:

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    i have a car pretty much on a same level as waebi :lol:
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    Nice wheels and nice wheelie Tricky! :)
    So... your parents have a Merc, mate? Posh! ;)
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    Threadromancy at its best :)
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    I can't drive a car because i'm 16. You can drive a car if you are at least 18 in Poland.
  13. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: UBER

    @ Sandman,
    Don't get me wrong, but if you drive that car... why you still play TF2 on your old laptop? 0.o
    Just something I thought off.

    But its a nice car you have ^_^
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    It's obvious he stole the car like BeauChaotica did, or they l33t h4x0rd the cars.
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    Good question....
    It's because I prefer fast cars to laptops ;)
    I'm probably gonna buy/build a new gaming desktop at some point anyway :)
    Prepare to fight against/alongside a lag-free sandman, gentlemen :twisted:
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    This is my motor.


    Convertible, I take the roof off on particularly hot days. Great for the environment as well. Suspension is a little rough though.
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    look at this sandman
    got a new car :D
    Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI

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  18. Ash

    Re: UBER

    I have to break this trend of german cars!

    Here is my orignal Jap Import Twin Cam Turbo Mk2 Toyota MR2 GTS:


    No its not a ricer before anyone asks.. bodykit on it is purely for aerodynamics and has only recently been put on.. was without bodykit for 5 years.. I haven't modded the car for looks purely peformance and speed.. hence the ugly low weight racing alloys and the horrible stock rear lights etc.
    Not going to list spec etc for all the changes ive done to it because it will take 3 pages of text that will probably bore most people anyway xD so ill sum it up with its fast lol..

    Before anyone point finger as well and says "It's illegal in UK not to have a front numberplate!" these pictures were taken the day after the bodykit was finished and the numberplate is sitting on the dashboard because the orignal square sized japanese numberplates I still had on it didnt fit the new bodykit... went and got it resprayed the next day and got a vinyl numberplate across the front.

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