[UK] VAT 17.5% down to 15%

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 25 Nov 2008.

  1. Re: [UK] VAT 17.5% down to 15% :D

    that good news. ;)
    but it will take time :|
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    they prob got mixed up with the words 'cut' & 'add'

    wud be awesome if that happens =) altho... before xmas plz ^^
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    21% in Belgium ftw :D
  4. eoN

    Re: [UK] VAT 17.5% down to 15% :D

    Did you not watch the pre-budget review program thingy? House of commons? Guy with VERY VERY black eyebrows and VERY VERY white hair?
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    I think this drop will help those who make big purchases, a car, a house, etc. It doesn't really make me want to spend more on lower value items though. I guess consumer spending is decreasing so they had to do something.

    It's been confirmed; VAT is to drop next Monday 1st December.

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    naw... dont have a tv at uni =/ only this crt thingy

    lowering prices to increase consumer spending. considering UKs current economic status and the pound weakening... geuss they had to do something =)

    1st? ooo... guud time to start xmas shopping :D
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    <3 Switzerland for having 7.6 tbh :D
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    7.6%?! :o
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    <3 California sales tax 7.25% :lol:
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    ye 7.6... that's one thing why many Swiss dont want to join the EU, cause some EU countries have like 25%, dunno which one anymore.
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    don´t take the VAT as the only indicator of how much money remains in your hands at the end of the month ;)

    living costs in switzerland are far more expensive then for example here in germany (acc to some friends of mine living in switzerland)

    so is this a temporare thing only? (for the bank crysis etc.) or will this thing last?

    as for germany

    they just moved our VAT from 16 to 19 % - but to be honest - oyu still buy thing -you have to ;)
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    That'll be Alastair DAHHLING :!:
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    Shame they did't lower the cost of fule, as im sure they name some kind of STUPID % on that stuff.
    They anways seem quick to bump fuel costs up if the price per barrel goes up, yet when the cost per barrel goes down like now. does it go down? hummm thankfully the supermarkets Tesco, Asda etc. all ways lower fairly quick and this forces the rest.

    However 10-20% off fule would have been alot nicer than 2.5% off everything.

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