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  1. Fixed Tapatalk integration
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  2. Updated to XF 1.3.3, nothing exciting really

    • Fix Google+ integration in IE8
    • Attempt to prevent appearance of duplicate posts when refreshing the page in Firefox
    • Improve the speed of BB code stripping on large posts
    • Fix link canonicalization of "//" links
    • Disable the rich text editor in Firefox on Android due to incompatibilities
    • Fix some editor inconsistencies in IE11
    • Maintain formatting when pasting between editors in more cases
    • When editing a link in the editor, update the link text if it's the same as the link
    • Ensure that links in emails that are set to blend in have underlines
    • Prevent an error in the image proxy when the file name was not valid UTF-8
    • Handle image proxy URLs that are not fully URL escaped
    • Ensure that disabled styles cannot be set to the default
    • Incorrect date display in the spam trigger log details
    • Prevent duplicate tagging alerts on profile posts/profile post comments
    • Ensure that the ignore list is respected on follow alerts
    • Always use the HTTPS Twitter profile image URL
    • Don't autolink FTP URLs
    • Prevent an error when exporting an empty smilie set
    • Prevent a "headers already sent" error if a PHP error is triggered when generating CSS
    • Fix invalid usage of getBinaryIp in a few places
    • Only rebuild the moderation queue when necessary after removing an entry
    • Fix last activity values not being updated on unconfirmed users
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  3. Integrated new XF smilie selector with taigachat
  4. The SSL certificate used for Mumble has been renewed until 2019

    If I've done my job right there shouldn't be any warnings etc.
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  5. Due to valve's new update schedule I've added auto updating to the tf2 servers

    it's likely to go very wrong (probably to the point of cpu DoSing the entire box) if past experience is anything to go by
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  6. Made some tweaks so that less populated servers get a better chunk of cpu time, and changed it so the realtime scheduling kicks in faster after map changes (previously up to 5 minutes)

    In other words, match and lobby servers should be playable now
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  7. DanCousins Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    Thank you based Darkimmortal.
  8. Simple-TeamBalancer has been removed until I can figure out how to make it work correctly, so team balancing will be performed by the standard balancing system.

    Most notably this means the immunity to auto balancer credits perk will no longer do anything
  9. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    What was wrong with it, out of interest? It worked earlier today; red was losing, red had nine team members while blue had ten, I killed a blue guy, he was switched to red...?
  10. DanCousins Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    MGE was borked.
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  11. It has no realtime configuration and takes control of the mp_autoteambalance and mp_teams_unbalance_limit cvars so that they can't be changed at all, basically a retarded plugin that I'd rather not be running
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    • Manually patched HLstatsX:CE to support the new steam ID format
      • Some web panel features such as avatars, links to profiles, etc will be fucked until an official update is released, and that is likely a very long way off
      • Any stats gained in the past few days before the fix will be lost (or rather not merged with the main accounts)
      • There will be about 7000 duplicate/orphaned players in the search, not a lot that can be done about this
    • Converted PropHunt stats database to new format
      • No server updates required, purely database-side changes
      • Any stats gained in the past few days before the fix will be lost
      • No duplicate/orphan players to worry about
      • Web panel has been fully updated to support the new format
    • MGEMod stats will not be converted due to shitty database design and no one really cares about them (they are still functional, just scores are reset)
    • Spray tracker will not be converted as it would do more harm than good, and nothing wrong with a potential redundant spray per player
    • Sourcebans bans and admins have been converted to the new format
      • Bans since the format change have been merged in
      • Admins and bans in games other than TF2 will be royally fuckerooed
    • Updated credits system to new format
      • Active perks have been merged
      • Any credits gained since the change will be lost
      • There's a slim chance that certain people who have played since the change will have lost all credits
    • Fucking bet I've forgotten something, and fuck you valve
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  12. Yeah, noticed that.
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  13. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's broke :laugh:
    • Reverted hlstatsx, credits, prophunt stats and sourcebans to a 7 day old backup (roughly when the IDs first changed).
      • Any bans or changes to stats in the last week have not been merged in.
      • Both stats web panels will no longer have any broken features
    • Sourcemod has been updated to a snapshot version that respects the old steam ID format automatically.
      • MGEMod stats will work again without any changes needed
      • Spray tracker is unaffected
    • Removed large retarded HUD text ad that was nonsensically only visible to those with the 'hide advertisements' perk AND still advertising the old .co.uk domain
    • Added yet more patches to hlstatsx so that it can convert the new to old steam id
    Last edited: 29 Aug 2014
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Start switching the plugins to GetAccountID instead of GetAuthString for stats (or use a shim to get the old functionality). Sourcemod will be using Steam3 ids in the next major version.

    EDIT: Shim from here:

    stock bool:GetClientAuthString_Steam2(client, String:authStringDest[], strSize, bool:validate = true)
        new accountID = GetSteamAccountID(client, validate);
        if(accountID == 0)
            return false;
        FormatEx(authStringDest, strSize, "STEAM_0:%i:%i", (accountID % 2), accountID / 2);
        return true;
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  15. not gonna lie it's pretty ridiculous that they've patched it in snapshot versions to output the old IDs, only to plan to later change it AGAIN to the new IDs
  16. spidEY シスコン

    If SourceMod developers have any common sense than no changes are going to be required for the plugins because the engine itself handles both Steam2 and Steam3 ID formats. SM can't just change its API on a whim and break thousands of plugins.
  17. Geit Coding wizard!

    Valve does that on a monthly basis.

    More seriously though, the only reason SM1.6 is overriding the SteamID Rendering for now is to provide the deprecation time that Valve intended to provide, but forgot to. (A quick fix to keep plugins working in the short term). Their API isn't technichally changing because all it's supposed to do is return the engine's interpretation of a steam id.

    However, I don't disagree with you, there should be an additional parameter for GetAuthString from 1.7 onwards, perhaps an enumeration for the version of steam id format with the default set to Steam2. The point still stands though - GetAccountID is more robust and easier to store in a database anyway.
  18. They really shouldn't have changed it to output the old IDs again, it makes HLstatsX a nightmare as log entries from superlogs etc. have different IDs than the native engine log entries

    And literally no other plugin needs half as much work to fix/convert as HLstatsX

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