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  1. Just updated us to XenForo 1.4.0

    Interesting changes:
    • Poll improvements
      • At long fucking last you can change your vote in polls
      • More flexibility to multiple choice polls (up to x answers selectable)
      • Ability to block viewing results until user has voted to prevent circlejerking
    • More prominent profile posts (sidebar widget, New Profile Posts tab on What's New page, etc.)
    • Online status indicator in posts (green thing at top-left of avatar)
    • Inline moderation tools in search results
    • Ability for moderators to alert a user when performing an action on their post
    • Ability for moderators to ban a user from a thread
  2. Fixed several layout bugs when viewing threads in mobile landscape or small tablet portrait

    Thanks to @ima Bean for reporting
  3. Restored avatar display back to 1.3 style, i.e. centered and cropped rather than scaled disregarding aspect ratio
  4. Updated the birthdays sidebar widget to exclude members with 0 posts
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  5. - Fixed Kirino (broken for past 2 days ish)
    - Fixed DSock IRC bot (broken for months)
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  6. The way ratings on posts are stored has been changed quite significantly (to improve performance), please keep an eye out for any strange behaviour
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  7. Added an auto universe reset every 24 hours to the starbound server, as the priority at this time is getting a high uptime figure on starbound-servers.net in preparation for the winter update rather than providing a good player experience on the current version
  8. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I think 24 hours may be a little too frequent. I'd expect most randomers to play a few days on the server, generally through the weekend. They'd go to another server if they made a nice base on a distant planet only to find it gone the next day. It should be set at like 5 days imo.

  9. It's either this or remove auto restarts and have the server consume all ram until it crashes

    With like 20 players, each day can add a minute to the startup time, which adds up to a lot of downtime with restarts every 2 hours

    Monthly average is currently at 93% due to this, rank is double what it should be as a result
  10. More starbound updates in preparation for winter update:

    - Added intelligent auto restarting (it is possible for it to get stuck in a state where the server appears online to 99% of queries but the game client can't actually connect to it)
    - Updated all outputs of player list/counts (here and the homepage) to use much more reliable data - no more strange inconsistencies
  11. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    Can I suggest moving the "Show ignored content" button to the top of the page as well as the bottom. I find that when I'm reading through long threads I have no idea what's going on because I forget about the ignored content then have to scroll down to the bottom and back up to the top to unignore stuff. Only small but I think anyone else who uses the ignore list would appreciate it.

    Yes I use the ignore list fucking suck it up cunts.
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  12. Updated to XF 1.4.4 and moved us to the new ReCAPTCHA (the one with the giant checkbox)
    • Fixed realtime scheduling being broken for 2+ weeks from a kernel update (explains lag in TTT etc.)
    • Added protection against SteamCMD getting stuck at 100% CPU (and preventing several TF2 servers from starting), a regular occurrence these days
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  13. Currently testing TaigaChat Pro 1.4.0 here - please report any issues, especially with layout or incorrect ordering of messages

    • Added live message edits (other users will now see edits without having to refresh)
    • Added live message deletions (deleted messages will now disappear for other users without them having to refresh) - this also applies to the /prune command
    • Improved performance of client-side message rendering (less stutters as messages appear), particularly when speed mode is enabled.
    • Added option (default off) to display the number of users in chat in a bubble above the navtab.
    • Fixed MOTD changes not being applied until a message was posted or the page was refreshed
    • Improved responsiveness of all shoutbox views
    • Improved layout of message input and toolbar (input box now fills all width and spacing between it and the toolbar is constant at all non-mobile window sizes)
    • Improved support for non-standard sidebar widths
    • Added support for 12 hour clock time display (only if selected in the default language) with speed mode enabled and absolute time selected
    • Archive thread now displays usernames using the [USER] bbcode tag rather than a direct link to their profile, enabling the use of the member card.
    • Fixed unreliable ‘members in chat’ updating with speed mode disabled
    • Fixed certain scenario where widgets titles would link to the homepage rather than the full shoutbox page
    • Refactored, cleaned and namespaced all Javascript code
    • Fixed ‘bbcode toolbar’ option
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  14. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Thanks Dark.
  15. He is the hero we deserve...
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  16. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    Er, you've probably already noticed this, but just in case you haven't.

    For me the D-Sock chat isn't coming up for me on the slothbox. Space where it should be is still there, but the text doesn't show up this side.

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  17. that's new to me, try ctrl+f5 and shit

    edit: fuck. issue confirmed
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  18. Hopefully fixed now. It would only have occurred if a tab is left in the background for a long enough time that the entire shoutbox is cycled with new messages

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