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  1. Nvm I'm a spastic, it was actually specific to DSock (or at least a combination of the two)

    Should be fixed now
  2. Finally got around to merging our custom changes into the latest version of the addon powering the Streams tab

    • All service embed codes have been changed to support https.
    • Added checks in the TwitchTV service that works around their broken API. This will prevent the constant error spam Twitch has been producing in your admin control panel.
    • JSONp values of stream viewers will now conform to locale settings.
    • Added JSONp support for CyberGameTV and HitboxTV.
    • Put in more efforts to fix Ustream support (as I've said many times, their API is very immature and problematic). Because of these constant changes; you may once again have to remove all ustream channels from your approved channels list and re-submit them.
    • Added VERY BASIC YouTube support. There is no scrape support however, since YouTube's API does not have a method to differentiate live streams from recorded video. Their documentation SAYS it does; but the function hasn't worked in years.
    • Share this page objects have been added across the addon.
    • Fixed some minor compatibility issues with Taigachat support.
    • Hitbox.TV support has been added! JSONp is not yet supported.
    • Livestream now supports channel scraping for the live stream list.
    • Ustream now supports channel scraping... no thumbnails. Unfortunately, xisting Ustream channels must be deleted and then re-added.
    • The Tiled/Detailed view option is no longer handled as a passed variable. It is instead handled using a browser cookie. I don't know why I did it the previous way... it was kind of dumb.
    • The tiled view now has the option to embed the "top stream" directly above the full stream list.
    • Games now have a "background" setting where you can define a custom background that appears when that game is featured as the "top stream".
    • Default Channel Layout option is now handled better.
    • You can now use Taigachat as the chatroom for a stream. Taigachat is required for this feature. Simply enable the option, and then edit your services to remove the chatrooms.
    • You can now mark both channels and games as "featured". Any stream playing a featured game will automatically get marked as a featured stream. Any channel, no matter what game they are playing, will be marked as featured. (we had this before but it is better integrated now)
    • There is a new "tiled" listing option. The old list display is now called "detailed".
    • There is now an option to display the current number of live streams as an alert balloon in the navbar.
    • There is now an option to set the default layout for viewing a stream.
    • Channels are now linked to users. So if you wanted, you can see who submitted a channel, even after it has been approved.
    • You can now edit channel information.
    • Dailymotion support has been added.
    • Twitch support now complies with a channel's "do not embed" setting.
    • Fixed the jquery issue and facebook on some multiviewer pages.
  3. Taigachat Pro 1.4.3

    • Fixed alerts not appearing when re-focusing the window/tab on pages where the shoutbox is present
    • Added option for faster updating of ‘users in chat’ when speed mode is enabled, aimed at smaller forums.
    • Added option for compatibility with [bd] Data Storage, replacing the need for a patched PHP file some customers were using.
    • The daily cleanup process is now aware of rooms and will keep the latest 1000 messages per room, rather than just the latest 1000 messages.
    • Fixed users in chat navigation balloon showing with zero users in chat
    • Fixed harmless Javascript error if alerts or PMs were present while on the shoutbox page on newer XF versions
  4. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    constantly getting a 0 alert(s) msg thingy, the one Luna posted, could you look into it?
  5. Finally got around to updating my old standard editor toolbar XF addon, should be useful to those on mobile for embedding images etc.

    (Click the button at the top right of the default WYSIWYG editor to switch)
  6. Late x1000 but the april fools theme is now fully 90% compatible with Firefox

    (last year only Chrome supported the relevant CSS stuff)
  7. Kiethy Fluffy..

    It was surprisingly compatible with Opera
  8. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Facebook links are broken on the members page
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  9. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

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  10. DanCousins Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    Not GM related, but a little annoying.

    Tried to use the thing where you right click on an image to upload to imgkk.

    I wasn't logged in, so I just got the spinning thing for ages and I thought, oh, must just be taking it's time. I didn't realise I wasn't actually logged in.

    Not a huge deal, just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't already aware.
  11. anyone listed as unknown account just needs to disassociate their facebook account then associate it again, it expires after a while since their latest changes a few months ago
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  12. The TF2Items extension has been updated to a version that doesn't crash randomly (mainly affected PropHunt)
  13. Currently testing a new taigachat pro update:

    • Added option to remove the cache buster from the query string of speed mode AJAX refreshes, allowing fast 304 responses on appropriately configured servers.
    • Added option to configure the number of users displayed in the ‘users in chat’ widget, which was previously unlimited.
    • Fixed various alerts issues, including ‘0 alerts’ issue.
    • Fixed unapproved replies from showing as new threads in the shoutbox.
    • Fixed moderated messages not being reported as activity in the shoutbox when approved.
    • Fixed scenario where users could appear in the ‘users in chat’ widget despite having no permission to view the shoutbox.
    • Fixed users in chat widget being rendered when disabled.

    Let me know if you continue to see the 0 alerts thing
  14. - Fixed TF2 motd font
    - Improved TF2 motd loading speed
    - Fixed prophunt crash loop
  15. Added ridiculous EU cookie warning for guests since google have decided to require it for adsense publishers
  16. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    I noticed it and thought why is this here
  17. @Dark, you updated to Xenforo 1.4.9 for the facebook integration fix?

    Edit: there also seem to have been a 1.4.10 release which is highly suggested to update to.

  18. yeah we're on 1.4.10
  19. Mmmm... I'm getting "Facebook did not provide an email address for your account. Please ensure that you have a confirmed email address listed in Facebook and try again." when I have activated my email address with facebook, originally I thought it ws because of a bug that was in earlier (pre 1.4.8 versions) but it can't be that if we're on 1.4.10
  20. Mole45 Dance Little Liar


    So since I'm on GMT-6 now and the "yesterday" part of the timestamp seems to activate at 00:00 GMT, I'm seeing it appear despite the fact that for me all these messages were posted on the same day. I realise this is hardly a major problem, but it's a little thing that I just found a bit odd and wasn't sure if it had been pointed out before.
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