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  1. I would first like to thank HellJack for unbanning me from the server again, wasn't sure if he commented on my appeal as the appeal threads are private but anyways, thank you.

    How did this idea come about? Well, me and some regulars on the server just starting to talk about the orange map and how it needed some improvements to it and changes that could make it more "modern". Me, knowing some basic Hammer editor skills thought why don't I give it a shot at the orange map and post it on the forums to see if regulars and staff like the map or they would like any changes or improvements to it.

    To explain what I have changed, it would be quite a bit to be honest, I will provide some screenshots to show the changes I have done to the map.

    If you would like to try out the map for yourself, here is a MEGA link to download it.

    I would like to personally ask people to download the map so more people can tell me how to improve it or slight changes.

    However, the biggest concern for me would be FPS, me being a basic Hammer editor couldve decreased the map FPS this is why I would like there to be a server test, instead of individual map testing because people playing the map by themselves will always get high FPS regardless, as there is no combat or anything happening.

    Thank you for everyone that helped me test the map and fix the map bugs. I appreciate it.
    (Ali, Langers516, Josefino, god, ahamudo, tsarlinio, ParaFlax, sonni)

    Here are the major changes in the map.













    EDIT: Also forgot to mention, the cap time in the middle CP is 6 hours, this is due to people joining the server and just capping and nothing else, making unfun for others that aren't bothered by the CP. I also fixed the blu side ramps so now you can trimp, strafe, slide up.

    Any questions or related please just say in the comments. Thank you.
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  2. Cactus The key is to never give up

    I haven't played TF2 in years, so my only reason suggestion is to switch the health and ammo on the final checkpoint - it should be easier to defend the final point than attack it, so it would make sense to put the HP on the defenders side, rather than the attackers.
  3. I left it just like how the original map had it and added a ammo pack on the other side. Capping won't be easy in this version. But I do understand where you are coming from.
  4. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    Just as a clarification, as it is not contained in OP, nek has changed the time it takes to cap Mid to 6 hours, to make it more of a challenge.

    Defending the last point won't be a circumstance that happens a lot :)
  5. Cactus The key is to never give up

    lol okay
  6. Langers I empty heads and fill landfills.

    To anyone viewing this post from TF2 / Discord, as of this moment, I would like to have a trial of this map for 1-2 weeks to ensure it is workable and acceptable. After you've taken a look, can you please take a second to answer this strawpoll:
  7. I don't play anymore so I'm happy to be overridden by general consensus, but here's my thoughts:
    • I don't like the choice of skybox, grey on grey is kind of dull and lacking in background separation. I think for a map that people play for hours with no variation it's nice for it to have a sunny and warm mood, and the contrast between normal looking skybox and dev/grey/orange textured world benefits gameplay. I also think the sun lighting no longer fits the new skybox, e.g. some of the walls are lit brightly in cloudy conditions
    • Not sure about the retexturing and redesign of some of the walls, seems like it could impact gameplay and player visibility, but this is purely an assumption without gameplay testing
    • I'm sure the meta is different since I last played, but effectively removing the CP capturing seems heavy handed, it used to be a nice way to break up the monotony of Orange
    Wish I could be more constructive but I'm not familiar enough to pick out the other changes from screenshots

    On a more positive note, I've installed the map on the server, any server admin should be able to change map to it for testing
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  8. No, I appreciate every feedback I can receive from anyone.

    • The reason why I retextured the walls was because I wanted to make it feel like something new in the map, the map is quite old and I thought changing the textures would help with this.
    • The reason why I "nerfed" the CP time so much was because as for my experience on orange, most players don't care about CP and don't ever use it and the only people that use CP are new players (F2Ps) or just some trolls and which makes the enemy team just focus on these players so they don't reset the map. I could reduce the time if this would be a bother for some players.

    Great, thank you. Langers told me. :)
  9. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

  10. I think the original one looked ok (sky_dustbowl_01?)

    Fair play, I'm sure any issues with it will show up in testing

    Maybe make it like 3-4x the time taken to die, respawn and get to top of tower? (2 minutes or so?) So that it's really difficult to capture, but possible in extreme cases just to break things up a bit

    I think that even if people don't like it when players cap the CP, it's part of the 'objectively shit but fun' gameplay that gives orange staying power
  11. loll Master Exploder

    If you're going to change the skybox, change it to something sunny. If you want to play a gloomy orange_x3, there's the storm version i made a couple years ago (attached), which is basically orange without snipers. I tried different item placements when I first updated the old x3, not everything worked. I've not played this game for god knows how long so i can't say.

    I've tried changing the textures on 2nd points and the sloped bit just like you did, it didn't work. The concrete textures provide much better visibility.
    Also you might wanna look up your sun entity as well as your ambient light. The shadows on the map were specific to a sun angle which seems to be gone now, making nothing? casting the shadows.

    I don't agree with 6 hours on tower, just because it renders 1/3 of the map useless.

    Keep at it though. It's kinda heartwarming that people still care about orange_x3

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