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    I like this game, and want to ask did someone play this game? Game is great, specially with this mod.[float=right,10:b4q0ux5u][​IMG][/float:b4q0ux5u][/float]
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  2. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Uplink

    It sounds cool it's just that I don't like buying stuff from the internet...

    *cough* Gift plz *cough cough*
  3. Ash

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    Played that for free somewhere years ago it was quite indeph and pretty hard at points, You have a timelimit before your traced and you have a target to hack and steal something from.. and you have to hack through multiple systems to increase your trace time because it makes it harder for you to be traced.. it is fun but the difficulty curve shoots up very early on.

    There was a game like this years ago that was in the news.. and it turned out the emulator wasnt actually an emulator and the creator of the game was tricking the people playing it into hacking real places for him lol. This ones just a game as far as I remember though.
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    To*COUGH*ents... *sigh*

    Well if anyone have questions about this game i can answer and suggest many things becouse i played it over 6 monthes. And now i started play again.

    First of all your first connection when you're bouncing maybe InterNIC, you can easily connect dirrectly to InterNIC and hack password, then start clear logs.
    Clear all logs about yourself exclude '' connection established.
    Then using InterNIC found about 10-20 'services machines'.
    One by one keep getting their password making big internet bounce tail. Get admin password, but don't log in.
    After that you have on map about 10-20 service machines that you have admin access on.
    Now remember, getting mission you need to make next bounce tail...
    | YOU -> (!!!) InterNIC (!!!) -> Machines with admin access (you have) -> Anything other -> YOUR TARGET |
    Pretty easy, then after any your connection connect to InterNIC and clear any log exclude '' connection established. Or '' connection closed.
    Becouse people who trace YOU always checking something like this ' routing to 104.12...' or ' password blabla...'
    And remember, always have as first bounce InterNIC and clear logs alltime = Noone will catch you.
    After i got in game more then 20000 credits i bought HUD analysis software, with it and couple upgrades as you wish + monitor_bypass software, you can disable monitor thing on each server you're attacking. Specially THIS monitor always start active trace after you. But remember after doing something illegal, admin start passive trace after you, since you delete InterNIC logs alltime, he will follow your logs until InterNIC and always be like 'wtf, he just disappear here'. Having more then 10 admin access systems + InterNIC = 900 seconds of trace time in banks and such (Active) and with monitor bypass software there is no trace at all (passive, i don't count, since i clear InterNIC alltime).
    Well ask question/help, will answer :D
  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Uplink

    I got it yesterday..surprisingly addicitive :)
  6. Re: Uplink

    i'll try the demo first once i get my pc working again

    ps: those who dont know that meh pc is F**KED. offline for 1 week max.
  7. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Uplink

    John where can I get that demo too??
  8. Re: Uplink


    Mirror link

  9. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Uplink

    Wow I love that game completed the demo in about 40 mins :D

    Just bought the best gateway and then the game told me I'd reached the max status for the demo :p now i have to get the full game :D
  10. Re: Uplink

    ye, i played it a few years ago and almost completed it, but was bloody hard at the end and just wasnt that fun for me just to try it again so many times

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