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  1. when i look up my name, "nevrbeenbett3r" on google, i get mostly just wannabee youtubes who copy comments and videos. i know nothing about these but i have no issue with them. maybe i should? but all the nsfw webstites pop up, as in all of your nsfw spray websites come up. i have never seen this website and know nothing about it. i want my name removed, please. or atleast an explaination so i can try to do something where ever else i must. this makes me really uncomfortable and i need help soon. let me state, because my wording was off, that I under no circumstances, want this to be up. i will not settle for a sorry. i need this down, i feel extremely uncomfortable, and weird. i dont like, really dont like the concept of that being the top result when my name is looked up.
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    Can you site an example of the issue?

    I just did a Google search for your name, and found no indications of our site here referencing you at all.
  3. -M-m- herpderp

    Yeah you do pop up on gamingmasters in the google results as you have played here about a month ago https://www.gamingmasters.org/stats/index.php?mode=playerinfo&player=1299414


    I guess you can contact dark either on here if you look in the members list with a private message or via steam. https://steamcommunity.com/id/darkimmortal/
    Or via the discord server we have. discord.gg/ChcPmAD

    He maintains the site & the servers in general, he might be able too get the results removed from google asking them too update this & perhaps remove you from the database as well on our servers too make sure your name stays off from here.
    (Don't know how much time this would take btw, with the size of google it might be a while before they respond or update this.)

    Otherwise our hands are tied I'm afraid, might be a good idea too simply join on a different steam account in the future on here that isnt linked too your name that you use daily, if you like the servers in general otherwise.

    When it comes too nsfw sprays we do block the ones that are full nudity (But if there are no nipples, genitals visible they usually are fine, like say mystia's spray on page 30.)
    But ofc sometimes it takes a while for them too show up too block in the first place on the website for an hour or two, at least i had that issue a few days ago.

    If that's a concern of seeing that ingame while streaming or playing you can turn it off via the console writing this command cl_playerspraydisable 1 that should prevent any sprays from showing up entirely until you change that 1 too a 0.
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    -M-m- is right. You can have your data (irrevocably) deleted as per GM's privacy policy. Your post counts as a formal request for data erasure (especially since the links in the privacy policy just lead to this forum, not specifying any procedure).


    As -M-m- said, give Dark a shout over on the Discord.
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    Also, sidenote, @Dark if you see this you might want to reconsider publicly displaying certain info in hlstatsx. That includes logged IP addresses but also categories like "real name". It falls under the scope of personal data of the GDPR (or the UK GDPR after December 2020 in view of Brexit).

    Collecting it is fine (as your privacy policy is solid and it's necessary for the service you provide), but storing in in a publicly-accessible database without a server user consenting to this is legally questionable.

    The GDPR does not apply to personal/household activities, but it does apply to online forums, for example. The decisive factor in the matter is volume.
  6. Didn't know we're leaking IP addresses on hlstatsx, that's not ideal at all, do you have a link?

    There's no way for us to receive real names, if people set their steam name to their real name that's their problem, but will of course be responsive to removal requests

    If Github can get away with calling themselves a 'data processor' and completely avoid GDPR then I think we can get away with associating an online pseudonym provided to us for public viewing with an image also provided to us for public viewing. Any NSFW content on the Sprays page is swiftly deleted, that's the whole purpose of it. I don't agree that mentioning a pseudonym on the same page as potentially NSFW content has any particular relevance at all - my understanding is we're into moral rather than legal territory there - for anyone with a brain it is clear that your name is associated to the image next to it, not to all of them

    Anyway I've removed you from the Sprays page, I'm happy to support GDPR even if I'm salty as fuck at the fact that other companies don't respect it, and a bit dubious whether it actually applies in this case
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  7. Heh, seems OP isn't even in an EU country

    Sorry, that was a brainfart on my part. HLstats doesn't show IP addresses, but it does show location which appears to be derived from their IP (unless the ones I'm looking at have all recently changed their location or deleted it from their Steam profiles).

    In effect, you're right, but the technicalities are a bit more tricky. I've read into it a bit further to figure out the details.

    In any case, it's data voluntarily provided to Steam but not specifically to GM. The GDPR provides that, when working using publicly-available personal information, one is required to notify the person (article 14) but does not need their consent for processing the data made public (exception is made to article 9 as the person made it publicly available themselves). There are also some particulars about listing sources and whatnot.

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