valve games wont start Oo

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grendal, 27 Jul 2009.

  1. valve games wont start Oo

    since some time I´ve got problems with steam. all my games by valve (company of heroes for example works fine) don´t start. well, short after double clicking the icon, the typical "blablabla.exe has a problem..." window appears.

    I reinstalled steam and all my games now twice, still wont work.

    anybody some ideas?
  2. Poxie Ray-Banned

    Re: valve games wont start Oo

    I take it you've restarted, deleted clientregistry.blob and done something else that I can't think of at the moment:bang:
  3. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    I restarted it, deleted every possible .blob file, reinstalled whole steam + all my games now two times, and it still won´t work.
  4. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    update gpu drivers.

    or try a different computer and dl steam, dl one game and try it. if it works then it something on your pc that not right =P

    u sed you reinstalled all ze steam stuff, make support ticket to steam and see if they help.
  5. shadiku nyoro~n

    Re: valve games wont start Oo

  6. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    thx for the help guys, verifying gcf´s didn´t help, altough it downloaded some stuff afterwards.
    I alreaddy tried on my brothers computer and it works fine! I just checked nvidia drivers page and saw I have not actual drivers installed, so I gonna install it now and tell you guys what happened ;)

    edit: updated drivers, works still as good as a cow is baking cookies.
  7. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    Uninstall your FW/AV and re-install them, I had this a few months back, where TF2 just wouldn't start or I got the message saying "game currently unavailable", simply stopping your AV/FW wont do anything but after I re-installed my FW and AV, TF2 loaded like a charm.
  8. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    I dont even have any AV/FW programms installed :O
  9. SnuggleMuffin SnuggleMuffin

    Re: valve games wont start Oo

    oh hai danny...
  10. Re: valve games wont start Oo

    lololol problem solved :D :D

    I made an virus check and I had one virus on my pc that seemed to make some trouble so I can´t play anymore :D :D :D

    thanks everyone =) (except that random guy above me ;P )

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