Ventrilo server courtesy of Tricky

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 28 Jul 2008.

  1. Ventrilo server courtesy of Tricky

    Server: port 4224

    Password: gamingmasters
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    what version?
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    Nice thanks for that Vent tricky ;)
  4. eoN

    Re: Ventrilo server courtesy of Tricky

    I made a channel under TF2 called Match and Mix.

    Idle in it if you want a mix :) and invite more to it, that way we can get more on vent :D

    PS Use vent more!! Just bind it to something random while in TF2 and play and people will say Hi etc if they are on, its great for if you want to chat with people on TF2 and you cba typing etc or if you want it to be private, there's lots of different rooms atm, most not getting used... Also if we don't use them the admins of vent will probably take them down, at the moment the only people i see on it (on a lot) is Me, Target, Overdrive, iBunny, Bun, and most of the members of F (if we are playing a game etc) So lets just all start using it and filling up the channels ;)

    Currently there are 5 channels and 1 sub channel
    (not including the one under the main channels (so technically there are 6 channels but no one really uses that one.)

    They are:
    [*]General Chat
    [*]Private (never seen this actually used so maybe we should remove / rename it?)
    [*]Music Room (Only seen this used once...)
    [*]Team Fortress 2 (This doesn't get used much either tbh... We're not very organized so a lot of the time we will be just playing mixes in the General Chat section (maybe we should just make each channel have a number so they can be used by anyone for anything :S)
    [*](sub channel under Team Fortress 2) Match and Mix (for idling in if you want to play a mix or a match ;))
    [*]L4D (again doesn't get used as much as it could / should, if you are going to play L4D just use the vent its better than ingame imho :D)

    So PLEASE, PLEASE start using vent more... Its really pointless for us to have suck a big vent if we don't use it to its potential.

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