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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grendal, 1 Aug 2008.

  1. Bun

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    The design is great. The colours blend and are cool. But the background with the brown and blue looks alittle weird to gether. Try to make them blend or something. ^^''
    Otherwise, it's amazing!
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    nice top picture ;)
  3. Bun

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    The first thing guys think of.
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    well you are no guy then :lol:

    sawry, but like my female MATES say: "waebi, you really gotta get a GF"... well, i talk shit :D
  5. Bun

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    I did notice it first, only that I didn't comment about it. :roll:
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    IMHO it would look better with a solid #444 background ;)
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    Thanks all :D

    No darki, I like it how it is :D

    If you like it bookmark and comment it :D
  8. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

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    Hehe you know what I think. Looks great ^^

    Only it flashes a bit when you scroll down with the crazy pattern :D someone might have a fit if they're not careful.
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    [heavy]I have epileptic cat. She is dead. Not big surprise.[/heavy]
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    I just like the way you arranged the emo part
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    [borat]Why you laugh? She dead.[/borat]
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    ye, rap but lolz.
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    You should listen what people have to say about the design, and if many people want one thing changed you can't just say "I want it as it is" as it's the people that count.

    But oh well :O

    I really don't visit blogs that often, i do not care about them either so much, it feels better to give critique on a real website.
  16. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

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    Huhu sandy
    [heavy] You cat is small and dead, is funny to me. [/heavy]

    Nah, really I'm sorry for your loss. I do hope you're not this like some way of telling us through comedy because it is too emotionally excrutiating to say it otherwise?
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    [heavy]She lives. For now.[/heavy]

    [heavy]Go ahead! Build your tiny gun, then RUN![/heavy]

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