Want a Job ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Spitfire, 18 Apr 2008.

  1. Want a Job ?

    Clanplanet.co.uk are recruiting staff members to join Us!!!

    Pay will be Free Game Servers / Heavly Discounted Dedicated Servers / or Cash

    Ive already put Core, Hope you don't Mind!

    You will be assisting Customers in day to day running of Clanplanet (Installing Mods , etc )

    We require people that already know what there doing!

    Talk to me for more info
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    How much is pay per week/month?

    How many games servers could I get for free?

    How many hours do I have to work each day?

    More info would be useful...
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  4. Re: Want a Job ?

    Well if you can give me an exact idea of what tasks I would need to do?

    Also do I need to travel to their HQ or datacentre or anything like that in future?

    And with regards to pay, you say it's negotiable, how much could I earn per week/month?
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  6. Re: Want a Job ?

    I'll have to think about it...but in all honest it doesn't appeal to me.

    Thanks anyway

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