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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by ConTroll, 22 Jun 2016.

  1. ConTroll Mains World of Tanks

    Im currently building a floating island pretty much ad hoc. It's kind of sad to build it alone, which is why I'm asking if anyone is interested in working with me. I am not exactly sure of what to build ontop/inside/underneath/around it, but I have a few ideas ( e.g. small mountain village maybe? idk yet). Point is, I am leaving a lot of room for creativity if you guys want to input your own ideas. I have built up some solid farms for resources, and they may be expanded during the build if needed. You guys could also help improve on them as I have little experience with skyblock. :P

    Im usually on mumble when working on the build, so you could find me there. :)



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  2. Ooohh - looks interesting so far - I'm focused more on the Requiem server atm, but I'd be interested to see updates as you progress!
  3. ConTroll Mains World of Tanks

    As are most other mc players here :P
    Only me and Trekkie really play on the skyblock server so I'm kinda hoping to boost that xD

    Thanks for the interest, I will keep sharing milestones when they are achieved :)

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