War!... HUH!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Overdrive, 18 Sep 2008.

  1. War!... HUH!!!

    YO! =) was just wondering if anyone will be playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?
    If so what Server/Realm?
    Me and a couple of mates are heading to Karag Dron // Destruction

    Ofc will still have me TF2 duties =)
  2. Bun

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    All my brothers expect 1 (that's five fyi) are going to buy it, I'm thinking about it, but I HATE monthly fee's.
  3. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    no waai overdrive.
  4. eoN

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Give me 5 reasons why this is better than other MMORPG's (eg WoW)
  5. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    aarrrrr :D yet another reason to play it.
    Well, the trailers for it are pure pwn - watch a random escapist magazine video, like this:
    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... /218-Spore

    it's at the end then, the trailer :P
    one of my mates is playing it, but i dont have that time, so... nah.
  6. eoN

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    My point is, no one can answer my question because there isnt really an answer because every MMORPG is essentially the same, find me a MMO that I dont have to do the same thing a million times to level up, and NO! putting the tasks in a different order does NOT i repeat NOT count.

    EDIT: Actually, you know something, if you can level from 1(or ten) to 100 (or whatever the max level is) by ONLY doing dungeons (as in the kind you do with other players) i'll buy it!
  7. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Well in EVE you just switch on the skill and leave it so erm...there goes that argument :D no grinding and you actually do have to interact with things called 'People' in order to get anywhere, despite what Yahtzee might tell you.
  8. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    WARNING ADVISORY: Do not attempt to download, install and play EVE Online or you may develop obssessive compulsive disorder symptoms.

    Symptoms include:

    -Playing EVE Online excessively for hours and hours;
    -Thinking about wanting to play EVE whilst asleep;
    -Dreaming about the EVE Online world;
    -Wanting to earn more ISK even though you have half a billion;
    -Having withdrawal symptoms whilst not playing EVE.

  9. eoN

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    To be perfectly honest, id rather be hung by my ballocks than play a game where you float around space shooting things for hours on end. Ever wonder why not everyone in the world plays Sims?

    Personally its because it makes me vomit, litterally if i play it for longer than an hour i vomit, same with a few other games, i have no idea why maybe its my bodys way of tell me "IF YOU PLAY THIS SHITTY GAME ANYLONGER I WILL DESTROY MYSELF!" or maybe its something to do with the refresh rate either way EVE online is shit :)

    Point made?

    Now i mean a MMORPG like WoW or WAR or any shitty little game where you run around killing cows til your level 10.

    Now someone answer my question without saying EVE or anything to do with BOREDOM or utter shit :) /rant
  10. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    MMO(RPG)'s never attracted me, dunno why. Played RTS/FPS only, some Dark Messiah (RPG actually) and that was it.
  11. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    i think you might be interested in this, Eon http://www.ddo.com/ i never played it acutally, but from what i've heard, you have to cooperate with others if you want to clean some dungeons... and this game is full of them (+ the excellent balanced AD&D rules of course)
  12. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Private servers for the win, lots of fun and no grinding :)
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    Well i like play somethin like Fallout...

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    WAR seems to WoW for my tastes IMO but I will give it a try if a trial comes out.
  15. eoN

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    I think i might buy it at the end of the month because 1 that means ill have money :P 2 that means people can try it properly then tell me if its worth it :)
  16. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Erm EVE isn't a bloody spaceflight simulator :P have you ever actually played it? I think it's called MMORPG a term which, despite your...rampant protest, is not solely reserved for fantasy :roll:

    I don't know why so many people hate eve and core...you ain't helping XD
  17. Bun

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Rocks..? ROCKS...?!
  18. Re: War!... HUH!!!

    loving this game xD its so fun. the ability to do RvR since lvl 1 is prob what got me into it. it'll boost ur lvl to stand a chance, suppose lvl1-10 RvRs, and it gives quite decent XP so theres no need to grind/quest if u really dislike it. then at higher lvls the combat gets crazy so ive been told =)

    currently a Disciple of Khaine(melee/healer) and it pwns :P
  19. eoN

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Just bought this today, i wont play it til after the clan match tomorrow though otherwise i probably will lose track of time, YO! tomorrow come play with me :)
  20. Bun

    Re: War!... HUH!!!

    Tested it, seems like an adult version of WoW.

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