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    awesome pictures, they really capture the mood and gravity of war...
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    This is a bullshit!!!

    It not Russian bombed cities. It is mean goat Saakashvili and its pawns bombed the cities. There is an information war. To you show one terrible and you trust in it?? Patriotism. Russian bad. The American authority has been interested by this collision as in turn the Georgian president we shall gain idea to enter NATO. Here they also "have helped" each other

    The American authorities once have severely paid when have untied war in Iraq. First against war has voted, if I am not mistaken, 80 %, for 20 %. After that votings the condemned man unexpectedly arrives and pulls down a tower - people perish. Voting unanimously for war. And can with a tower was it is arranged?
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    first of all, who declared war first. and for what? think about that first Mephi~
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    IF you about Georgia and Osetia - Georgia declared war
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    As though silly it did not sound - Georgia should settle questions with the territories as in NATO do not take with unresolved agrarian questions. Ossetia has declared itself independent of Georgia under some circumstances. And mean Georgia used violent measures and has still got secret support. But in any way Russia spent bombardments of peace regions of Ossetia - the sense is not present
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    Russia just still thinks they own their neighbours, which isn't.
    And Georgia felt so selfish because they were being helped by the USA.
    they thought they could just insult Russia, without having to face the consequences.

    However, Russia attacked Georgia, and then Georgia declared war to Russia, but Russia was in Georgia already. So they had no choice.
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    The first time 2 members of the Council of Europe have gone to war with each other - quite a development. There are a lot of red-faced diplomats running around trying to do their jobs; may you be cursed to live in interesting times :(
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    Russia did not declare war of Georgia. If such happens, we with you already would erase the country Georgia from the globe
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    If there was no war, there would be no freedom.
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    srsly, f00k that. War aint necessary, it's a bad habit from the time where we eat Mammoths and stuff.
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    I dont understand you
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    i dont quite like it when people write in languages i dont understand (could always be insulting)... please *try* to write it english ;)
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    non-religious: survival of the fittest. Stonger gain power over weaker. Thats how we evolved, thats how we will go down.

    religious: This planet is war since the very beginning. Good vs Evil. Lots of us will burn in hell. Some won't.

    either way: It doesn't look too good for mankind.
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    Myke, thats hilarious, thats the truth, and did I mention hilarious?

    thats just how I feel :P like its all a fairyale. LETS PLAY SOME GAMES! :D

    wouldnt tat be awesome? a fairytale wich contains tf2?

    Georgia declared war on russia, but russia was already in georgia then.
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    The war situation on our planet isn't as complex as the media portray it to be. There will always be war, since their will always be a higher tier. Russia are feeling a little left out over the control of the planet, which is why they decided to demonstrate their power.
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    You think Russia wants a total control of our planet? xDDD
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    lol, seriously?
    I think Russia still thinks they own eastern europe. wich isnt.
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    Hence why they are using the most basic of principles in an attempt to show they still at least have influence. A man once wrote that 'war is the continuation of policy by other means' - his writings have never been more relevant.

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    If there was no war there would be no tf2 :D

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