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    I'm a big fan of web comics. Well I'm a big comics fan in general. and it's not just superhero comics i like, in fact that's why i love web comics so much. i mean one i don't have to buy all the back log i've missed cose i'm broke. i love them so much that i help put one up, http://comics.bubblecore.net/inner-wild/, but i can't help but think that there has to be other web comic writers out there. so if u write or are invalved with a web comic post the links to the site. please encorage my habbit.
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  3. Never liked web comics much :/

    Also the one you posted looks pretty furry.
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    A majority of webcomics are.
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    I have to agree, lackadaisy is quite good.
  7. the purpose of the thread is for other web comics writers to so off there stuff. and yes the comic i posted is and Anthropomorph comic and relax there is no sex.

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