Web server suggestion :-)

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by captain-pot-noodle, 30 Apr 2008.

  1. Web server suggestion :-)

    On the home page, could we have a new "drop down box" thing for media?

    For custom maps and tutorials etc (for example cp_gaming masters and those tutorials bun wrote?

    maybe photos could be on their as well? keep it organised?

    Oh and my name is too long for the shout box :-(
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    I dunno.. the site looks fine the way it is and adding an third level to the dropdown would take quite a bit of recoding :(

    Sorry, I did the fixed width (unfortunately it only looks good when fixed) based off my name which was the longest during testing - I'll add an extra 20px or so to see if it helps.
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    Fixed the width (increased from 270px to 300px) - your name seems to appear properly now :D
  4. Re: Web server suggestion :-)

    Thanks :-)
  5. Re: Web server suggestion :-)

    How about adding the suggested Media entry on the left without sub items. And organizing the stuff in the main window (like it is done with matches, just with more content). So there would than be a Header for: Maps, Tutorials, etc and links to the sources where the maps, etc are underneath these headers.
    Something like this:
    <h1> Maps </h1>
    <h1> Tutorials </h1>
    This shouldn't be too much effort.
  6. Re: Web server suggestion :-)

    Thanks, you have just inspired me :D

    (you'll see what I mean in about 10 minutes :) )
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    A few 10 minutes later i know what you mean =)
    looks good =)
  8. Re: Web server suggestion :-)

    indeed, damn fine now.
    by the way, on the "about" page:

    "Gaming Masters was started in March 2008 by its three founding members Core, Darkimmortal and t3rrible3on3. Ever since the clan and community has been growing with rapid expanse. We now host two 32 slot Team Fortress 2 servers which are full the majority of the time."
  9. Re: Web server suggestion :-)

    Thanks for point that out - I've reworded most of the about page now :)

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