Weekly Community Matches.

Discussion in 'Events' started by Geit, 9 Jul 2008.

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  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    Weekly Community Matches.

    Every week at 7PM GMT a Community match will be help on the Gamingmaster Match server ([Password:matchtime]).

    These community matches will help the leaders and clan members get in touch with the community of GM and allow us to evaluate who should be and who should not be let in to the clan, It also provides a break from the chaotic 32 man servers.

    The initial maps for these matches will be: Gravelpit, Well (CP) and one map vote.

    The first will be on the monday 14th and will continue unless stated otherwise.

    Slot limit: 24


    GMT = Time at Reykjavik, 7pm.
    GMT+1 = BST (UK Summer time, London too), 8pm.
    GMT+2 = CET (Central European Time, CH/DE/ITA...), 9pm.

    (changed the time, read my post later on)


    i added CP_STEEL as last map, as we'd like to try it out how it plays.
  2. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    sounds nice. Posting an announcement then ;)
    cp_well is a bit screwed imo, but we can still change if we want another i think.
  3. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Excellent news ;)
  4. Micky Mick rolling since 07

    Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Shall try to be there - might be a bit early though :oops:
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Don't worry i arrive an hour early to practice :D
  6. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Community match today, waebi will post an event with the time.
  7. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    set it to 7pm tho, as it is just a bit late for CET players (+2h, means we start at 10pm and there are 3 maps...)

    Ok, times edited to first post.
  8. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

  9. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    maybe I'm really dumb, but i must not agree with the timezones...

    GMT = ireland, united kingdom and portugal
    GMT+1 = norway, sweden, benelux, france, spain, germany, switzerland, austria, czech republic, poland, slovakia, hungary, slovenia, croatia, serbia, bosnia and herzegovina, montenegro, albania, italy
  10. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Yes the UK is GMT but in the summer we have daylight savings time and our clocks are put forward +1 hour. We call this BST, British Summer Time which is literally the same as GMT +1.
  11. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    well we have summer/winter time too...

    let's make this clear - here in czech rep, there is 3:20 pm, how about in UK?
  12. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    but that still doesn't solve it... there is -1 hour in UK (which is GMT) and +1 hour in Finland (which is GMT+2), so the match is at 10pm in Finland and not at 9pm as said above
  13. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    so GMT zones are actually moved during summer time in respective countries?
  14. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    GMT is always the same :D

    pretty fucked up story, ye.
  15. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    but i'm GMT+1 for sure so why does Myke's page say GMT+2?
  16. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    Because he lives in Austria, and I in Switzerland? :D

    *GMT* is the same timezone. In summer, UK has GMT+1, which is then called BST (British Summer Time, Bullshit Time :D)
    When I'm correct, then in winter, they have normal GMT.
  17. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    but his link leads to Czech Republic and it says "GMT + 2:00" and i'm sure CZE is GMT+1, so GMT has to be changed for countries with summer time according to that
  18. Re: Weekly Community Matches.

    No, GMT always stays the same, it's the basis for all timezones. It's just that some countries put their clocks forward for daylight savings time which confuses some people.

    CZ is GMT+1 but in summer it's GMT +1+1 (GMT+2). You put your clocks foward one hour in summer right?
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