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    Server #2 - Wastelands
    Server: mc.gamingmasters.org
    Port: 25567

    In a major collaboration of technical know-how, artistic design, and a variety of plugins, we are very proud to announce the opening of Gaming Masters very own Wastelands Server.

    What is a Wasteland Server? It's a server that has:
    • Limited resources.
    • A harsher environment.
    • Tougher Monsters.
    • Greater rewards.
    This map is a beautiful landscape, created by our very own Boss goat. It has no grass, no friendly Mobs, and little chance to make you very happy in the long run.

    But...it provides a great challenge.

    Credit to tommo1 who had the original wastelands, Geit who initially set up our version, and Rioter for continuing to maintain it.

    We do have quite a few custom Crafting and Smelting recipes to aid you one your way, though:

    Smelt Mossy Cobblestone into Cobblestone

    Smelt Rotten Flesh into leather

    Craft 9 Netherrack into 1 Brick Block

    Craft 8 Saplings and 1 bonemeal into 1 Seed

    Craft 9 Smooth Stone into 1 Cobweb

    Craft 8 Cobwebs and 1 Coal (or Charcoal) into 1 Iron Ingot

    Craft 4 Iron Ingots into 1 Gold Ingot

    Craft 4 Gold Ingots into 1 Diamond

    009.png 010.png 011.png
    Once you have Saplings, you can Craft them into any other type.

    Craft 8 Brick Blocks and 1 Smooth Stone into 1 Stone Brick

    Craft 4 Saplings into 1 Vine

    Craft 1 Vine and 1 Stone Brick into a Mossy Stone Brick

    Craft 1 Vine and 1 Cobblestone into 1 Mossy Cobblestone

    You can also repair any tool, weapon, or piece of armour by combining it with it's original resource.

    There are Dungeons to conquer, Abandoned Mine Shafts to explore, and other Players Bases to raid.

    • PVP is encouraged.
    • Greifing is allowed.
    • No Whitelist. Join right now.
    • No Hacks/Exploits/Mods (we have several Mods to track such things)
    So, if you're ready for a challenging landscape...join the Gaming Masters Wastelands.
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  2. imFree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Music to my ears.
  3. Needs more lava
  4. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    are there also /commands in this server? like /sethome and stuf.
    if there are, could you list them?
  5. Cactus The key is to never give up

    f c (faction chat enabled or disabled)
    f home (faction home)

    you cannot set home using /sethome - you need a bed.
  6. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

    Can I get a faction with some other members, think there's currently 5 of us.
  7. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!


    fix it! its broken!
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  8. HiNRG69 New Member

    I will show you today if you are online... It does work..
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  9. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    I'm going to guess that you might be using "Cracked Stone Bricks" instead of the regular "Stone Bricks".
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  10. poloniumandrats Mutated Rat Pokémon

    Is there any chance that the new crafting recipes could be added to the list, i know of the smelting rails for flint and the 3 vines for reeds, but are there any more?
  11. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Oh yeah

    I'll get right on that.

    Ok, so the new ones are:

    3 Vines = Reeds
    Smelting Rail = Flint

    What are the ones for mushrooms again?
  12. Any chance I could get White Listed for this :)?
  13. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

  14. Aye, I'm aware. Lewy's just been showing me what it's like when we got back from Uni.
    Pretty excited to see/play it.
  15. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

  16. Oh alright. Totally okay with this.
  17. Lamp New Member

    what version and is this still in operation?

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