What determines who sits out?

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  1. What determines who sits out?

    So after many many hours of playing and subsequently getting rather good at prop hunt, a trend has emerged that I'm really starting to get sick and tired of. I find that I am consistently sitting out almost once per map. That combined with my bad processor speed which takes almost 2 minutes to load a map causing me to most assuredly miss the first two rounds, you can see where this would start to become cumbersome.

    From what I have noticed:

    The amount of players can range from a small 3on3 to a full 16on16 game, that doesn't seem to have any sort of effect.

    I used to think it had to do with the player order in which you connected. I tried connecting quickly (assuming my client didn't hang on "retrieving server info...") and I've tried waiting to be the 20th connection. This did not seem to have any effect.

    I am now starting to suspect that it has to do with skill. I say this not to be putting myself on a pedestal, but this is coming also from a friend who happens to be quite proficient at prop hunt and is starting to notice the same sitting out trend happen to him. The two of us, almost as a general rule of thumb, will be at the top of the leaderboard more often than not. We also sit out more than anybody else.

    It has gotten to the point where we can pretty much call it for when we're going to have to sit out, and have lost purposely just so we can play the next round. If suicide doesn't happen, sure enough, out you go. The lingering jarate effect is always a plus too, but that's a whole 'nother matter. ;)

    So what exactly is it that determines who sits and who plays? Don't tell me its random, because I simply do not buy it. Too many people have noticed and have commented on my sitting out for me to believe that. Statistically, it just does not add up.

    In other related news, teams should not be swapped so quickly that winners have to sit out.
  2. Cookies4you Crippling Pickling Prickling Disorder

    If winners didn't sit out, then we wouldn't have pros. If losers had to sit out instead of always winners, there would always be a top dog as the winning of the team, leading the current game-type into a Mafia type crisis, therefore creating multiple time paradoxes(26 to be exact) that would cause the currently best players who had purchased the orange box later on instead of the beginning to be left out almost every round, therefore causing the removal of many team fortress 2 videos showing how to do something. This effect would devastate the team fortress community and would break through the rivers of time.

    That or players who just joined would never be able to player, forcing them to remain last every game because of their 0 score from just joining.

    At least that's what I think.
  3. I completely agree, except I bought the orange box not even a year ago. Thus, /dev/null.
  4. Soul explosion maniatic

    Sometimes the same problem happens to me. I'm having a good run being a prop or pyro and I win but have to sit out.

    My guess is that, if you notice, at the end of every round. Whenever someone wins/looses, the teams are automatically changed when the announcer says if you win or loose. Notice that if you win, it says that you fail and the other way around also. By that, my logic is that whenever you win it counts on the scoreboard of TF2(not prophunt) as loosing. So if you have the announcement of "if you fail this round you will maybe have to sit out" then you have to loose to not sit out.
  5. R-volt R-volt [Revolted Voltage]

    Just like Soul said, it's based on Opposite viewing of TF2 Scoreboard. Ever notice that when you win you have the coward character running animation? Or You didn't kill any of them when you did?
    A better way to fix this is if the teams of Red vs Blu, If the team is made of 7 people. Make 4 to Red and 3 to Blu, that way Someone could actually play and not waste their time spectating. In other words make red have an extra team mate, because the number of people doesn't really effect this game...
  6. It can't be on how well you play or how ass you are. I can top the board and not sit out once. Likewise I could go afk for 10 minutes and still be safe from sitting out.

    I rarely have to sit out. I could play 8 hours and only sit out once. Jack on the other hand, he seems to have to sit out a heck of a lot. I've seen Jack have to sit out 10+ times in an hour. So it's completely random from what I've seen.

    If it was changed to allow for more people on a team so everybody can play, I'd rather have it so the pyro team get's more people rather then the props.
  7. I agree that the best solution would be to simply allow a single person unbalance, as it doesn't really effect gameplay. I would also rather see it go to the pyros, for the sake of smaller games.

    Shinkz, I dream of sitting out once in 8 hours of playtime. :D
  8. Aint this just because it has the arena map settings? Losers have to sit out (so in the end when you win, you get switched to the losing team befor the new round and then you end up on the losing team). Also the team balance don't allow one team to have more people than the other.

    Basicly the fix to this would be switching the funtion that makes people sit out off, and then all will be solved.

    Ohh yeah it is completly random who sits out (the randomness is just broken so it often picks the remaining ones)
  9. Poxie Ray-Banned

    If you suck you sit out, fortunately I never sit out :awesome::awesome::awesome:

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