What's happening about the GM clan "team"

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  1. What's happening about the GM clan "team"

    Me and shrew are wondering what's happening about the gm clan "team", we are wanting to get a team set up so we can be alot more organized and start getting more 6v6's as it's hard to get people sorted and we end up getting someone to sub. Shrew has said he is thinking about leaving GM and without him there will be no 6v6's as he is the one that sorts it all out, i would be very disappointed if he leaves GM as i am really getting into 6v6's and want to take it to the next level and get a proper team up.
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    Agreed, we need to stop talking about this, get our fingers out and actually do something. I have spoken briefly in another post about how we could get the practical side of the clan / private community moving. However, as I also mentioned we haven't had a proper debate at "leadership" to propose a way forward to submit to the clan for acceptence. When I get back I'll try and help move the agenda forward which will be based on our new goals and the wants and needs of the gm clan members.
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    I am 6v6 alot of pugs these days due to the limited interest, Also advertizing a low medic on http://etf2l.org/forum/recruiting/topic ... cent=29519. As i want to go go go, Somewhere this seems to have fallen by the way side. and i want to get going, seems it was only me who was trying to get this off the ground. And TBH i kind of given up, unless i see a resparked interest. would love to form a GM squad, as this would be my first loyalty. however i want to 6v6 ASAP.

    I feel i am at a level where i sould be in a team. Starting to move up the chains Would have loved to join VOI however there are no slots currently for my possition.
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    We need to try and spark the interest of community and private community players in 6v6s. I joined GM as a pub player, nether intended to join a team but after getting a taste of 6v6s, i really want to be in a team and i want it to be a GM team that should be lead by shrew.
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    lol and they say flattery will get u know where. ;) Lies i tell u!
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    You know what, just do it guys and have a bloody good time. And please kick some arse lol :) I will give you all the support that I can ;)
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    aye, quote quote 'just do it'

    didnt you already have 6 in the team you comprised? if so just continue that... team takes time. Voi, aka. F, have been together for a long time and pretty much seen the ins and outs of how they are now.
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    Ok so far we have... Me = Medic. Apex = Scout, Sandy = Demo, Woo = Soli, Ash = Soli.

    However Woo & Sandy have limited time due to work commitments.

    Savage did't seem to keep on scout 6v6.

    Idealy we would get 12 players keen, 4 scout, 4 soli, 2 demo and 2 medic's. And all would play PUG's More than 32 Man Spam, therefor boosting his/her skill.

    Obviosly i persoanly would like the people in those classes to be multi skileld players. E.G Apex Scout/Pyro.
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    shrew what happened to me :(
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    Shrew, please don't leave!

    You are our leader! What will we do without you????

    There are so many recruits, so much potential growth, we just need more time? no?

    We (and I mean all of us, not just shrew and leaders) need some sort of structure where we have internal match every weekend (or set date) and commit to it in order to build up our squad. There are probably quite a few people in the GM community who would love match play but just haven't had an opportunity to try yet. Please don't lose hope, we neeeed you :D

    Plenty of active TF2ers here, I've only seen a fraction sign up for matches. Is it because it sounds too serious?

    I enjoy 6v6 not just because of the competition but more the fact that this game is much more fun when you are playing with the same people week in week out. I just feel the word team might give newer players the wrong impression and put them off even trying to compete for places.

    Hmmm I don't remember where this was going but yeh, shrew please don't leave :)

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    PUGs are not everything, generally a knowledge of the maps - who goes where, what should happen (both you and the opposing side) and being able to read and act accordingly to the situation.
    think about how many hours you have put into Dustbowl, knowing the ins and out, therefore literally owning it?

    32 man to 6v6 is a completely different change, for both your gameplay and mentality.
    i remember back when i thought i was an awesome w/e class during 6v6 so id frequently change class to suit my mood. this is not the case - things like this have to be worked on

    multiskilled is one case but imo its best to stick to your role and work on it otherwise things will move very slow. you'll gain a better understanding what is asked of your class, whether you love it or hate it.
    after a while you will realise that focusing on one class with affect the other classes in a positive direction

    12 players imo is too much, keep to low numbers.
    having 6 is the best number imo as your always playing with the same people and become closer to your teammates, understanding what their strengths/weaknesses are and how they act during gameplay. + their always wanted and that is always nice, ofc there are other commitments but its nice to no your wanted. - as Woo has mentioned
    even when things go bad u experience it as a team and work on it, when its good... well its good :P

    just a matter of time really and gotta be patient, heck ive been waiting months for something =P we all have. there have been a few people who have been trying to start a team but have not been patient enough, and to count the numbers... theres enough to start teams if they had stayed.
    theres definately talent in this clan from new/old members and interest out of the 50+. already no a few who might be interested if asked, eg Benito ;P

    did you no... Disco was part of Voi? :P omgwtfbbq

    EDIT: not saying i am right/wrong, just trying to help. love how the new members are really putting the effort into it
    dont like seeing members leave =/...
  12. Th-

    Re: What's happening about the GM clan "team"

    Patience DJ, patience...

    Did you know we trialed a dozen players to GM-Z before getting the 6th player? When we signed up for season 3 in ETF2L we had only 5, and we're in a hurry to get 6th a few days before the first match.

    There are still several new members who haven't played many matches yet, how about you interview them all first? Also Grendel has been wanting a team a long time, ask if he wants to finally step in and make an effort for it.

    About multiclassing:
    When you guys get enough experience you will understand the roles of any class and how to play them properly, as long as you have your aiming in fair state with and projectile/s. It might be good to have a full-time demo though.

    This is what we had before folding after season 3

    Medic: Waebi, Kj, Overdrive
    Demo: Th, Waebi
    Soldiers: Genesis, Walking Target, Bamm
    Scouts: Kj, Overdrive, Bamm, Walking target, Genesis
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    :( -- the reason I didn't keep on with scout was because I work nights very often -- I sometimes don't get home until half 10/ 11 o'clock! I'll still pop in every now and again, it's just that I can't always say that I can 100% commit.

    Good luck with the team though guys ;)

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    12 is far too many for a 6 v 6 team - 7/8 tops but ideally 6. The whole point is to play as a team and get used to each other, Voi have played together for so long that we're all used to each others games, hence our reluctance to take on a new soldier/demo before this season ends. However we are trialling 2 people, who appear to be at our level of play at the moment, and will hopefully recruit one of them soon - you've got some potential Drew but like i've said, we haven't got the time to train someone up, and neither have many other teams - I suggest you stick at trying to form a team on here and i'm sure you will have one in time for the next ETF2L season, remember there are some very good players now wearing the community tag / applying :)
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    Tbh ohnest i am glad that apex is showing more interest even setup pugs with him last night, ash also said he would like to do it. i dont want to leave GM i just really would like to get the ball rolling, just hope people have the time and would like to join. Also bennito i would love you to keep playing with us, altho new i think you showed some good potential.
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    Well I work 9-5 Mon-Fri, and I go to the gym and swimming at least 4 times a week at the moment, from 7pm-930/10pm weekdays. I play after that up until 11pm or 12pm, depending on how tired I am. The days I don't go to the gym I will play as many matches as we can line up, and on Saturdays and Sundays I often play TF2 for 12 hours straight... lol.
    Preferably I'll have a bit of notice a few days before a match so I can alter my gym timetable a bit.
    Despite this relatively packed routine, I do really enjoy these matches, and the highlander matches and subbing for Voi, providing I'm in a good mood and not tired :)
    We need to just stick with it, and keep a good solid RELIABLE team and a few subs, and keep playing together over and over on the varying maps. Simple as that. Stay here Drew ;)
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    thanks shrew much appreciated we'll have to play some pugs together once i got it set up any help would be much appreciated
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    tbh once in a while again? i dont think you got more skill than it is needed to play div6 shrew, we played a PCW against that div5 clan together and most of you guys (including you) sucked balls (seeing as i had almost as many points as you=medic), you need to get MORE 6v6 experience than you have now, play more pickups (i entered GM when the most difficult policy applied and for that i had to provide two PUG demos and i had to play about 70 of them to get 2 good demos i wouldnt be ashamed of) and we will see after that

    you said you played a lot of pickups recently... i can see only 8 pickups total at your account, thats no a lot, if you're really into the match thing, you should play at least 3-4 per day (there is always a place for medic, so that makes like 2,5 hours at most) to get your skill/tactics up

    and the last thing, i dont know where are you rushing, if you really wanna play that bad, just register some 12 players who want to try it and have some time to div6 and you will see how it goes, you will almost always get 6 guys to play a league match with that number of players (you wont be top-notch, but you will play and thats what you want afaik)
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    Ok well in pugs i find medic a peice of piss, tbh in my oppinion the medics strenth goes will the quality of players.

    bearing in mind not once have i even slightly been raged at and i have been given constant possitive feedback when i have asked for it, as good/great medic/comms.

    I would say this shows something, however i am still new and have alot to learn i agree.

    If it was the game i remember i was the only sucker trying to organise the pushes/retreat. but no one was listening.


    sorry to rant but thats just my 2p worth.

    P.S I only just stared playing the properly the last 2-3 nights I belive that makes approx 3 hours per night.
    Each game = 30 mins x 8 = 240 / 60 = 4 /3 = 1.5 hours per night. (So Far.)
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    well as you should know, medic calls the strategy in most of the cases so ye, it was your job to call and you called it wrong almost all the time (since we sucked balls as a team, why were we defending with kritz all the time for example?)

    everyone that actually says sth from time to time gets positive feedback, so that says actually nothing, ppl that are being raged on are those who dont play their classes or suck A LOT (like having 1/4 of others points etc), otherwise most ppl doesnt give a fuck to rage (only Kodyl and ket- are enjoying it and rage on everyone)

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