What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

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  1. What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Hey guys, Savage here =D -- I was just curious to know what kind of spec people have and what settings they run the game at :D

    Mine is a modest PC to say the least -- but I'm upgrading soon so it won't matter then :P

    AMD 4600 X2
    8800GTS 320mb
    Vista 64 bit

    Run at:
    1650 X 1050
    All settings highest
    30FPS average

    What about all you guys? What should I be looking at for my next build to get at least 60fps? :mrgreen:
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    Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Hmm...for what I am about to post, may the gods of dxdiag realise I am truly thankful.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 2.66GHz (I don't overclock, so don't ask ;D)
    GeForce 9800 GTX 1905 MB?
    Supposedly 4 Gig of RAM
    Vista 32

    Other than that..I don't know the settings off the top of my head but I can tell you already I have nowhere near that res :D monitor is moderate in stature. I've got nothing to compensate for you see :lol: I don't know about the motherboard, and apparently the system manufacturer is 'System Manufacturer'.

    Works lovely jubbly, except some shaders have been playing up recently..time for a driver-hunt, methinks.
    Got it from pcspecialist.com if you care to know :) very reasonable...it's more or less equivalent to an Area 51, only a couple hundred less :P
  3. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 (3.0GHz) @ 3.6GHz (40C under load, but yet it refuses to go higher without becoming unstable no matter what I set the voltages to :?)
    Asus 8800GTS 640 MB @ 567/945 MHz (it would go much higher, but the fan on these cards has a horrible whining noise at > 85%)
    4 GB RAM (I'm running 64-bit so I get the full amount)

    Runs at:

    1600x1200 (FYI: 187k more pixels than 1650x1050 :P)
    Texture etc. settings all at max.
    16x AF, 2x AA (more than enough imo - especially on a 19" CRT - only LCDs need > 2x)

    Solid 72fps (vsync ofc) during 6v6 play, 55fps+ during 32-player spamfests.
  4. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Intel C2D E8400 3Ghz
    4GB Corsair DDR2 800
    Ati HD3870X2 1GB

    1680x1050, everything at lowest possible, but trilinear filtering, using FPS config to downgrade the graphics even further.
    Framerate only drops below 80 FPS when my pc needs a restart. Note that I can also run the game fully maxed and get decent FPS, I just prefer to have it run silky smooth under all circumstances.
  5. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    ok my current rig is :-

    - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
    - Asus M2N4 Sli MoBo
    - 4GB Coursair Dominators DDR2 (4x1GB sticks) 1066Mhz
    - 8800GTS 320Mbs
    - Vista 32bit

    Run at 1440x900 on max settings get solid 50-100fps on quiet bits then drops 2 30-40fps on 32man demoman spammage! v-sync'd ofcourse cos its tears like crazy without it :D

    Done me well this comp got it about 2 years ago but need an upgrade me thinks 2 some quad core madness and some better graphics :D

    You Rang?
  6. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Crappy Acer 1650 Aspire Laptop:
    A HUGE 2Ghz Intel Pentium M Processor 760 CPU
    A MONUMENTAL ATI mobility radeon X300 128MB VRAM

    Everything on minimum, except Model Detail on Medium. I run it in directx 7.0.

    The other day I had Firefox running in the background idle and got an INSANE <10fps in 16v16 DB.... quite impressive I know you'll agree. I could LITERALLY ALMOST aim and move at the same time!

    But in 12v12 or 6v6 etc games/servers I get about 100fps idle in the spawn, and about 15-30fps in battle.

    With my machine it's the RAM and crappy sound card that messes it up unfortunately. That's old laptops for you.

  7. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Lol -- nice to see that I'm not the only one with an AMD rig still =P -- I've had mine for going on 2 years and I'm looking to upgrade -- CPU first I think -- rather pants by today's standards =S

    Although saying that I do have Vsync on so that I don't get the jagged things along my screen :mrgreen:

    I'm off to try playing in all the lowest settings now just to see what you guys play at! :o
  8. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Intel pentium D805 2.66 gb
    Asus X1600 256 mb
    Ram 2 gb
    160 GB
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    Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    System specs: viewtopic.php?p=16146#p16146

    Game Settings:
    1280*1024 (19" TFT)
    Everything on High and max FSAA / AA

    On average FPS is ~ 50-60 FPS on 32 DB server and >70 on arena or smaller (less people) maps.

    Not bad :mrgreen:

    @ Darki, if you cannot clock it higher... try changing the memory settings... try change the "CL" to the lowest (I think that is CL2 for you.. maybe CL3.) see if that helps.
    And if you are using a crap PSU... buy a new one too ;)
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  10. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    Intel Core2Duo Q6600 (2.4GHz) @ 3.2GHz... I pushed further but can't get it stable at more than that... wish I had waited for the G0 stepping version.
    Asus P5N-T Deluxe nForce 780i series Mobo
    XFX 8800GTX 768MB
    4GB OCZ RAM (800MHz) @ 950MHz
    2TB of Hard drives :D (almost 70% full)

    get around 70-120fps @1680x1050 in game depending on map and hectivitity 0.o
  11. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    o.O 1.4TB of what, may I ask? Lots of videos of Wooo makings? =P

    I've run TF2 on all lowest settings today to see how it ran -- I must admit that without HDR enabled it's a lot duller (but far better for not being distracted!)

    I think I may have to mess about with the settings a little more to see what would be best =D
  12. Re: What's you computer's spec? / In game settings

    lol 1.4TB of stuff I'm not supposed to have :D

    The usual bit torrent stuff, films tv games programs

    new HD content is eating space like there is no tomorrow

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