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Discussion in 'Whitelist Applications' started by honzastastny, 22 Sep 2017.

  1. honzastastny New Member

    Server(s) to be whitelisted on: Sprout
    Forum username: honzastastny
    Minecraft username: honzastastny
    Steam profile link/id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ShadowTrolll/
    Nickname(s) (if applicable): honzastastny
    Who do you know in [GM]?: noone
    Have you been on our mumble and/or discord server?: Ye
    List the [GM] servers you have been on previously?: None
    Do you agree to abide by the rules specific to the server you play on?: yea
    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft Server or any of GM's servers, and if so, why?: once , someone stole my first account and did bad stuff with it , then i logged in and found out , changed password but got that ban.
    Who will vouch for you?: Whats that ?
    Do you need to be fast-tracked?: Nope
    Sorry i dont understand some of those questions , i am from non english state :/
    And one IMPORTNAT thing to note , could my friend i want to play with get whitelisted too ? He wants Sprout too and hes 16, his MC account name is: Menty28 He hasnt been banned (as far as i know) and this is his steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121114559/
    Thanks for response
  2. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    In regards to what vouching is; someone from the community who can say if you're a decent and trustworthy person and you won't cause any issues.
  3. honzastastny New Member

    Then sadly we dont have anyone :(
  4. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    So we do still have the sprout server up, unfortunately with no one to vouch for you the application will be rejected.

    Stick around for a while, get to know people and apply again at a later time and hopefully the circumstances will have changed enough for you to be able to join the server!
  5. Cactus The key is to never give up

    I vouch for the kid purely on the point that he managed to 1) find our discord server and our forums, 2) post in the correct sections for each of these relevant areas and 3) He applied in the correct format.

    I mean that makes him a better candidate than 99% of people who apply for stuff in GM anyway.
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  6. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    I find this kinda silly. You don't even play on the server.

    It's not even hard to find this info since we are 4th in line when you search Sprout server in Google. But I still don't feel this would qualify to get on the server just because you posted in the right thread.
  7. Cactus The key is to never give up

    What admin features do we have in place on our sprout server?

    If we have none, what admin tools can be put in place?
  8. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    There are none and as far as I know there were issues adding them. We have not had them for the past few servers because of it I remember correctly.
  9. honzastastny New Member

    Ok i got someone to vouch for me : [​IMG] You see ? I got the bot vouch for me :D
  10. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    Tatsumaki is a what not a who. It therefore cannot.

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