Who is the best ?

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  1. Who is the best ?

    Who is the best player of each class that you have seen on the GM servers!

    For me these people have either been a thorn in my backside or worked very well when playing with them!

    Sniper = Jonash93
    Demoman = Obaruler - The biggest spammer I have ever seen!
    Medic = Karhu
    Scout = TH & Ana
    Heavy = Disco or [PETS] Falconizer
    Engineer = [GM]Tonkamania
    Spy = Duffman - Cheese also comes close but I think that Duffman just pips him.
    Solider = Spyko -- I think By'tor and the Snowdog & GryM-Shai arwe worth a mention too.
    Pyro = CYCLOPS(UK) - when I am spy, he always seems to get me, mo fo ;P
  2. Re: Who is the best ?

    Sniper: XO (oh, the old days of having you head sniped countless times)
    Demo: i honestly don't know
    Medic: Kaka
    sc00t: hmm.. used to be Overdrive :p, now i'm not too sure
    Heavy: Disco, duh
    Engineer: Tonks is good, although i've seen Fromage do some CRASY shit that actually worked as well
    Spy: Duff ofcourse, the bastard (although he still seems to fall for my sticky traps sometimes ;))
    Solly: Ze Piss
    Pyro: good pyros haha :lol:
  3. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Who is the best ?

    hmm my list, maybe not the best but good/nice ones.
    Heavy : disco/falcon
    medic : temenus :luv his kritz
    demo : obaruler must choose :) hes just a nice demo
    spy : ai hard, duffman and maybe stab'd
    sniper : jonash is the one who always gets me if im sniper :).
    pyro : nah i own those.
  4. Re: Who is the best ?

    Sniper: DaZeD
    Demoman: DaZeD
    Medic: DaZeD
    Scout: DaZeD
    Heavy: DaZeD
    Engineer: DaZeD
    Spy: DaZeD
    Soldier: DaZeD
    Pyro: DaZeD

    Yeah that sounds about right. 8-)

    Seriously though, I haven't played a lot on the GM servers yet (mainly because I'm always trying to get CoD servers active) but a few people that I know would be:

    Soldier: Spyko
    Pyro: Vendetta
    Heavy: Disco

    That's all that I really know, I should play on your servers more often I think :)
  5. Re: Who is the best ?

    I wouldn't say best at....

    These are the ones I know that are good at their classes,
    only can think of the old good days;

    Sniper: XO/KJ
    Demoman: Deman/Th
    Medic: Temenus
    Scout: ana/overdrive
    Heavy: sandman1985/Bennett
    Engineer: lilstarfish
    Spy: Duffman
    Solider: piss/core
    Pyro: bun

    Edit: found engineer one
  6. Re: Who is the best ?

    Scout: Anathema
    Soldier: Woo Maker / Bytor
    Pyro: Bum
    Demoman: Th
    Heavy: Bennett
    Engie: lollersTrickylollers
    Medic: Temenus
    Sniper: KJ
    Spy: Duffman
  7. Re: Who is the best ?

    Depends if I'm in practice :lol:
    Haven't been playing TF2 as much since starting my new job.
    I can still top the scores per time and win most rounds if we've got a good medic, despite my monumental lag, as heavy/demo ;)
  8. Re: Who is the best ?

    Jealousy is an ugly colour Spyko :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Re: Who is the best ?

    Procaster > Pith
  10. Re: Who is the best ?

    Gotta hand it to you, hell of a comeback. Anyway unless you have something relevant to contribute to the thread please don't post - any more posts which can be considered abusive or flaming may result in you being gifted with a warning/warnings.
  11. Re: Who is the best ?

    True that :oops:
  12. Th-

    Re: Who is the best ?

    Hmm yeah, wasn't a nice comment

    but anyway:

    Scout: Overdrive
    Soldier: Wooo
    Pyro: Bun
    Demo: tough one... but I suppose demanu is one of the best of the regulars
    Heavy: Sandy (Bennett doesn't play heavy so much on pubs)
    Engy: darn... you'd have to pull off quite amazing maneuvers to be noticed, so I'm not gonna say anything
    Medic: Pissmidget
    Sniper: Kj
    Spy: Danny (gotta hand it to you pal... you're so annoying I just see red when you're on the server, wp)
  13. Re: Who is the best ?

    I defy anyone to duel me in extreme elite ragdoll launching! :twisted:
  14. Re: Who is the best ?

    Maybe a heavy voice-command spam contest is called for?
  15. Re: Who is the best ?

    Scout: overdrive
    Soldier: core - all time best and most epic solly we ever had
    Pyro: Bun
    Demoman: Th / core
    Heavy: Disco - who else?
    Engie: Tonkamania
    Medic: iBunny
    Sniper: KennethJ
    Spy: alexx is a epic spy
  16. Re: Who is the best ?

    Ohhhh it is sad.. MEDIC!

    YOU, BABY! CRAWL TO.. kiss me.

  17. Re: Who is the best ?

    oh ur ON mate! 8-)

    you are a loose cannon sandvich, but you are a damn good MEDIC!

    speaking of ragdollan, i still hava an epic recording of Sandy, but somehow you cant screencap when watching a rec :(
    i want to make an animated GIF of it..
    you guys know a program to convert a TF2 recording into a normal movie file?
  18. Re: Who is the best ?

    Mah list:

    Scout: Overdrive
    Solly: Piss
    Demo: Dman/ Th
    Heavy: Disco! And Falconizer
    Engineer: Tonk
    Sniper: KJ
    Spy: Danny
    Medic: Kaka/ Micky

    Is it weird that I don't have a pyro one :S Oh well! There goes mah list :D

  19. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Who is the best ?

    Fraps, then split it into images with Vdub to make a gif.
  20. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Who is the best ?

    spy : me, 59 backstabs in 1 day have award now ^^, so funny that day, i got falcon over and over stabbed :) heavy pwnage :P.

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