Who uses Linux?

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What os do u use.

  1. Windows Vista

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  2. Windows XP

  3. Mac OS

  4. Linux

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  5. Other.

  1. Who uses Linux?

    I have a few questions, i would love nothing more than to ditch windows 100%.

    If you use linux please also state which version, altho i guess most will be Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.10.


  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Who uses Linux?

    atm I'm using vista, 32 bit. used to have XP and Linux. And I've got aprox 100 GB free for linux, will put it on it somewhere in the next weeks
  3. Re: Who uses Linux?

    Windows 7 64bit beta on my main PC -- XP on my laptop ;)
  4. Re: Who uses Linux?

    • Vista 32bit- currently using
    • XP Pro 32bit- I love it.*upgraded to vista* I might go back
    • Linux- tried it on pc a couple of times. Also I might install Linux on my ps3 *yellow dog*
    • Mac- really want one *expensive*[/*:m:2uj30a59]

    we had a couple of topics like this b4 btw
  5. Ash

    Re: Who uses Linux?

    Vista Ultimate 64bit on my main PC..
    Kubuntu 64bit (Ubuntu with KDE layout instead of Gnome) on my render farm.
    SuSe Linux on my laptop.
  6. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Who uses Linux?

    Vista :). had XP before. never used linux.
  7. Re: Who uses Linux?

    I'll be putting (K)ubuntu on my new laptop, if and when I get it :P

    Atm I'm running Vista 64-bit on my main PC along with ReadyDriver Plus (a cool low-level macro-like hack, not some gay software like it sounds) - basically all the 64-bit goodness without the unsigned driver issues, which is the only realistic reason you could possibly be on 32-bit.
  8. Re: Who uses Linux?

    Server 2008 :)
    And BackTrack sometimes (clicky)
    Though I used to run Mandriva for quite some time.
  9. Re: Who uses Linux?

    there are so many choices with linux it really depends what u want to do on it. Ubuntu is basically linux for noobs, as its the most similar to windows.

    I like Sabayon for media use and Fedora as a server and also Slackware is pretty good too even comes with penetration testing etc.

    Its all down to personal taste really its best to download a few live os's and see which u like the look, feel and functionality of the most.

    If ur planning no gaming on it you will find it difficult though using wine and a few tweaks u can get games going pretty good from steam.

    Take a look at this for help getting steam running well.
    http://www.hl2dm-university.com/forum/p ... ilit=linux
  10. Re: Who uses Linux?

    Good choice of OS there Waebi :) (seriously)
  11. Ash

    Re: Who uses Linux?

    Slackware is really nice I used to use it on my renderfarm but the newer versions of 3dsm don't seem to accept it doing network renders from a Windows machine to Slackware so I switched Kubuntu instead.
  12. Re: Who uses Linux?

    lolwat? It runs just stable, even with my mobile gfx card.

    And BackTrack... uhm... :D :D ye well it is, but didnt get to use it fully yet. Should do at LAN once maybe.

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