Discussion in 'Random' started by dARksOUL, 22 Dec 2009.

  1. wut?!

    Hmm. Just a question, what happen to the Admin Application section? It like randomly disappeared.
  2. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Admin applications are closed.
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Yeah, It was no longer needed, so i hid it.
  4. Hmm. I knew they were closed but didn't think you would hide it. Oh well.
    So umm. I'm bored. Listening to paramore.
  5. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    The flow of fail just doesn't stop! OH GOD I CAN'T BR
  6. Erm. Paramore isn't fail. If you think it is thats your opinion.
  7. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Just heard her.

    She sounds horrible.
  8. Vendetta GM's better half

    I like paramore dont worry your not alone you do have taste
  9. Lol I know. Alot of my friend's at school and on the computer like paramore. She's not the hottest girl you ever saw but there music is good. You like Hero - Foo fighter's?

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