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  1. XOo

    YAY ME :)

    Finally got to 100 k took me long but got to it :D :D :D
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  3. Re: YAY ME :)


    GM record? :o
  4. Re: YAY ME :)

    *salutes XO*

    Makes headshotting you all the more sweet. ;)
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    Awesome :D
  6. XOo

    Re: YAY ME :)

    haha nice darki with the celebration :D
  7. Re: YAY ME :)

    Good Job, XO.

  8. XOo

    Re: YAY ME :)

    thx john
  9. Re: YAY ME :)

    gratz ^^
  10. Re: YAY ME :)

    You know that thing that pops up on screen "A Top 10 player has joined the server", or something like that?

    You should make a special one for XO that says "THE Number UNO player has just joined us mortals!!" - or something similar. Might cause people to start trying to frag him specifically.

    Always trying to make life a little harder for the high´n´mighty - a true pyro attitude.

    hehehehe... ;)
  11. XOo

    Re: YAY ME :)

    thats makes me wana go just afk and hide :D
  12. eoN

    Re: YAY ME :)

    *cough* heavy
  13. Re: YAY ME :)

    scouts have 1 thing in mind... BOOOOOOOINK!
  14. eoN

    Re: YAY ME :)

    Good pyros deflect projectiles and protect the rest of the team and they have to be sly to get behind their enemy


    2 things!

    Soldier rocket management, firing in corners etc to guess if theres an enemy round there, keeping medic alive etc.

    Demo push back enemy, sticky traps protect points etc

    Medic heal and protect self

    Spy sneak and get behind enemy

    Heavy point and shoot and block enemys from getting round corners / choke points and protect medics

    engineer keep sentry alive and good ones build dispensors for their team mates and even better ones cause damage with shotgun and pistol.

    Sniper take out heavys and other enemys that the rest of the team can find hard to kill, keep an eye out for spys and cover their team mates

    Scout protect medic, cause epic damage, distract, kill enemy medic and sneak round the back etc

    So all classes do more than one thing
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    Spyko is just cranky because a few days ago I handed his ass to him 1vs1. ;)
  16. XOo

    Re: YAY ME :)

    Let me just say one thing snipers dont take out spys, pyros take out spys if they know how they can
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    There´s some weird karma about spies and pyros bumping into eachother. When I play demo, or some other non-pyro class I rarely bump into a spy, but playing a pyro - spy after spy. It must be the fact that a pyro never stops. Ever. Constantly on the move, and not like a demo. Demo moves too, but it´s more like dancing in one spot. A pyro is constantly on the move, running everywhere, all over the map. Increases the chance of running into a nice juicy spy we can then roast. ;)

    Taking out a heavy with a pyro is quite easy as well, provided there´s enough room for circle-strafing. Although, I think Disco is on to me, and how I usually take down a heavy. :?
  18. Re: YAY ME :)

    We kinda did - hence my comment. ;)

    But in all fairness, it was just the one time, and we didn´t play all that long.

    Whenever I see someone taking something/themselves a bit too seriously, I can´t help but throw a little gasoline on the fire. :twisted:

    Ooh - [scout]fire! fire! fire![/scout]
  19. eoN

    Re: YAY ME :)

    If there is a duel I'd love to come kill you all :twisted:
  20. Re: YAY ME :)

    Do not underestimate the power of an unexpected flame licking your back. ;)

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