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    Soli vs Soli :(

    Not very good as soli as seen as i never really get a chance to practice it :(

    I'd go pyro but well... pyro sucks :P
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    Not a bad idea, btw. Have someone create a map, designed specifically for 1vs1 matches. It would be interesting to see who/which class would eventually dominate. Heh, I can already see Disco protesting "...but I wouldn´t have my medic..?!" hehehe

    Seriously though, to have regular 1vs1 matches on a small map where others could spectate, it would be fun. And maybe have some stats kept to see who IS and who is NOT. ;)

    Oh well, just an idea.
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    duel_duel2, we use it for 1vs1 soldiers mainly but can also be good for scout vs scout and demo vs demo.
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    Yeah but tr maps can be solo'd aswell so it means we dont always have to wait for others to practice :) maybe make a vote system that just need half ?
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    tr_airshot_v0 is on the match server atm, have fun
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    Yey :)

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