Yet more site improvements

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  1. Yet more site improvements

    • SEO-friendly URLs added using mod_rewrite (notice the pages are now members.html, about.html etc.)[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • Redirect to www. subdomain added - now any address with just the domain will be redirected to the www. subdomain (because it looks nicer, lol)[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • Members page improvements: Added pro team, primary+secondary+tertiary classes, 2 column layout of data, major javascript speed improvements, fixed a bug in Super Fun Happy Scroll :D, added "Showing" dropdown, restored "show" effect rather than "slideDown" - previously a bug was stopping this from running fast enough to be usable[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • Updated sitemap.php with the new seo-friendly URLs (note that this outputs an xml file that google understands and is not easily readable by (normal) humans :D)[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • Fixed a typo in about page (ok so it was a single comma that was missing - it's still an improvement :P)[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • Updated MOTD to display clan tags (these have been removed from the database and the correct tag is added according to pro team status)[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • When donating, the amount you type is correctly formatted for paypal using a simple javascript function that runs whenever you deselect the input box or click the donate button[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • All Google ads removed - they weren't making us very much money and they lagged the site badly due to the dynamic page height on many pages (especially the members page) and Firefox's shit ability to move iframes.[/*:m:111xhfgq]
    • MOTD: On most browsers, names should no longer split in the middle when they come at the end of a line.[/*:m:111xhfgq]

    Hopefully this should make the site more fun to use :D and of course get a higher ranking in google (we still have yet to get a pagerank :o)

    And as always, if we are missing any of your details from the members page, please contact me, Core or t3rrible3on3 asap. This applies especially to new members who have yet to give their age, location and profile, as well as to pro team members who have yet to choose their primary and secondary (and tertiary if you want) classes. Yes, we're all looking at you, terrible :lol:
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    Another fine job by Darkimmmortal :)
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