Z is back, almost.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by KennethJ, 8 Aug 2008.

  1. Z is back, almost.

    GM-Z is BACK!


    Th - Demoman
    GeneSIS - Soldier
    Gisen - Soldier
    KennethJ - Scout
    X - Scout
    Waebi - Medic

    And yes we need a Scout, but wont slow us down now.

    We played a match today, and won it 6-3
    Demos are up on the dedi, created a dir for Z.

    Discuss, flame, whatever.
    <- wears flameproof suit.
  2. Re: Z is back, almost.

    gotta say grats, our reinforcement was sweet and Genesis proved that he's a good Scout too :D
  3. Re: Z is back, almost.


    enough flame? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Re: Z is back, almost.

    great flaming :D some challenges will come up the next weeks i guess.
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  6. Re: Z is back, almost.

    you do notice that i am not in there and that EzuR is out? ;) also, i played only mixes/pugs all the time now, so...
  7. Re: Z is back, almost.

    E vs Z leeets gooo. about moooney
  8. Re: Z is back, almost.

    would be nice to have F vs Z in the week starting with the 18th
  9. Re: Z is back, almost.

    lolz i am quite blank :D

    nah jk, we'd need a sub atm, but then we kick arse.
  10. Bun

    Re: Z is back, almost.

    Bun and/or The Bun Company is not responsible for any of the above comments.
  11. Re: Z is back, almost.

    Whos this 'Gisen' anyways :)
  12. Re: Z is back, almost.

    Hey , I would love to play as a scout with you guys :)
  13. Re: Z is back, almost.

    go to #tf.wars and arrange some scout 1v1 games for yourself, set "mid" level in there.
    Or just fight Bun, Tricky and KJ and Myke (edited by Myke)

    If you are really able to keep that up, I'll think about it.

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