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  1. Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    Updated several times since that previous shit was posted :P

    Anyway, click the logo above to try it :)
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    Yeah there's a bug somewhere that makes restarting / loading a new map without refreshing do weird things :(
  3. eoN

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE AWESOME!!!1!

    I made one ^^ all that happened (i messed it up ^^) was that the zombies stuck together and stayed in place and i went round the side and you can shoot them

    Was like this (ZB = Zombie):


    And you walk round the bottom and they get stuck
    I take it theres no way to fix that?

    EDIT: Spaces didnt work >_>
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    Haha I like that :D

    Good job Darki!
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    Yeah the AI isn't totally done so the zombies have trouble navigating when you're to the left or below them :(

    Anyway I'm glad you all like it and the past 2-3 weeks wasn't a waste of time :D

    At the moment I'm working on quake announcer sounds, cheats (such as bike-mode - check out the bottom line of the standing.png sprite sheet), pickups (extra damage, invincibility), more scenery, better collision detection and AI and a way to make bullets more efficient :)

    Sounds awesome, can't wait to see it :D

    BTW, as you may have noticed, cliffs are really hard to get right - it takes a bit of practice even with the snapping system :P

    If you look closely at Zombie Mountain you'll see loads of places where the cliffs (and the rocky ground on top of them) aren't perfectly lined up ;)
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    Update released - added quake announcer sounds (pretty much unintelligent for now - it's either firstblood or a random selection of other sounds) , made some minor changes to Zombie Mountain and added "Fightbox" (which is probably going to end up impossible once I fix the AI, although it does demonstrate a cool new way to use cliffs, albeit with messy corners (covered up by trees :P)).

    Right now, I'm working on the second part of the wonderful tileset I found, which will allow you to build towns, buildings and fences (it takes hours of photoshopping and programmatic image manipulation with PHP before "normal" game compatible tilesets are in Javascript format (individual alpha-transparent 24bit pngs) :() I will also be adding more scenery (ruins, more trees, autumn-style trees, blood splatters etc.)

    I'm also considering redesigning the gameplay to use health for the player (eg. around 5 hits from a zombie = death. One "hit" can be made roughly between one and two times per zombie, per zombie tick) and adding the necessary attack animation to the zombies. To balance things out, I'd have to make zombies much faster and green zombies maybe even as fast as the player.

    Also, I'm considering a powerup meter which fills once you have survived for a minute, and allows the user to use bike-mode for 10 seconds, once I manage to code that in :)
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    I dont get the game tbh, i run out of ammo after killing one zombie?
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    Night mode = no shooting :P

    It has a random chance of going on/off every 20 seconds :)

    Also, the game isn't really about gameplay yet - all that can be changed pretty easily. It's about developing a flexible Javascript-powered game engine without using the canvas tag (people have even made fully-3d javascript FPS's with it, but that's cheating. :P)
  9. Bun

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    How about sum instructions?
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    For the game itself or for the map editor?

    The game is pretty much just space=shoot, arrowkeys=move :P

    I might make a tutorial for the map editor sometime... ;)
  11. Bun

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    Just tested, seems impossible to kill 1 zombie. Takes so many hits and moves so fast...
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    Yeah the gameplay is a bit shit atm :P

    Zombie Mountain and The Forest are the easier (and more developed, especially in the case of Zombie Mountain) maps, while Awesome and Fightbox require knowledge of the flaws in my AI to complete them ;)
  13. eoN

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    Its easy :P i bet like 10 ^^ well.. they may have been glitched and running round in circls BUT I BET THEM!! :P
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    haha nice one :P
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    Pretty big update released - added all kinds of stuff, such as:

    • Quake announcer sounds (including the female Holy Shit! one :D)[/*:m:qkdy78wb]
    • TF2 announcer for victory/failure (just for the fun of it :P)[/*:m:qkdy78wb]
    • Heaps of improvements to the internal rendering engine[/*:m:qkdy78wb]
    • Revamped the gameplay style and added new customisation options to the editor - the player can now have a specific amount of health defined by the map. You can also change how fast zombies move (check out The Forest now :P), how much damage bullets do and you have the option of disabling nightmode completely for that particular map.[/*:m:qkdy78wb]

    Next I'm hoping to finally rewrite the AI, add more scenery, add a console, add different characters and maybe make the interface a little bit nicer to look at :)
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    Resurrected for the lulz :D

    (And it's been updated several times :P)
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  18. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    Wow good job Darki, not as fun as TF2 but I see myself playing this actually when I downloading something :D
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    New map (Castle of the Dead) released :)

    And if you get bored, there's always the console (hit `) with buddha, noclip, hurtme etc. :lol:
  20. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Z-War - IT ARE PHOENIX!!!1!

    Cool didn't know you have a sword as well (hit D to use if you didn't know like me :D )

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