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  1. ZBlock

    ZBlock (not to be confused with zBlock) is now completely working :D

    Basically, if you leave while on the zombie team and attempt to join the human team through any means on any of our servers within 5 minutes, you'll be slayed.

    EDIT: There was a bug causing the 5 minute thing to not work, and my attempt to fix it may have completely broken it now...

    EDIT 2: Nvm, I'm 99% sure the time comparison will work now.
  2. Re: ZBlock

    1. Join empty server.
    2. Press f1, waiting 1 min, reconnect...
    3. I get slay after i press f1 again.

    No players, i wasn't zombie, and cvar "protect admins from ZBlock functionality" doesn't seems to work, but still, great job, it works! :D

    I guess need fix admin immunity + enable it only when server have 3+ players. (If less then 3 players are playing, zblock should be disabled :D)
  3. Re: ZBlock


    - Admin immunity permanently enabled
    - Players won't be added to the database if there are 3 players or less
    - Only zombies will be added to the database (I had to resort to a continuous timer and global array to get it to work)
  4. gig

    Re: ZBlock

    is there a way you could make it so it only activates for players who "disconnect by user" rather than the ones that time out, often my friends get dc'ed or crash for example (and sometimes i do as well lol), so it's not really fair to use it on players under those circumstances i think.
  5. Re: ZBlock


    - Removed admin immunity (fairer that way)
    - Players will only be added to the database if 'reason' is set to 'Disconnect by user.'

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