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  1. zpo_cabin_b5_r3

    You think zps style is too easy?
    Survive for 7 min here!

    P.s. well if you put this map, people will be able to nominate zps or zpo.
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    on by now ;)
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    Your web is all on Russian mate

    zps_cabin_b5_r3 has been on the server for ages

    I like it more as zombies can actually kill all the humans
  4. Re: zpo_cabin_b5_r3

    Good map. Appreciable mistakes - sit in a cellar, sit on 2 floor of the main house. Sit, sit and once again sit. I always run. Let and risky, but "adrenaline" and interest is
  5. Re: zpo_cabin_b5_r3

    My web is on russian, but you might not read anything that writen on page, just click link to download,
    main + is that you might not wait before download start, and link never take break.

    P.s. i don't ask replace map, just add to nominate list.
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    as i said, up...
  7. Re: zpo_cabin_b5_r3

    Only on #1 server, as i know. (Map not loaded on #2 and #3 servers)

    Btw rank databases not same on all servers?
  8. Re: zpo_cabin_b5_r3

    I need to play Zombie Panic :|

    but i suck at it :shock:

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