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    made a lot of adjustments both visual and gameplay (hopefully).
    i.e. changed the lobby so you can use the smaller house in-game,
    added a new building (converted stable),
    stuck some fog around the graveyard so it looks a bit more spooky,
    added another "secret" entrance to the boiler room so it's a little less easy for people to camp in there,
    added a lot more ammo and weapons and supplies for survivors,
    made doors a lot harder to break so you'd probably be better off going in through the window and destroying the planks from the inside (unless you're patient),
    aaaaaand a few bits and bobs to add to detail and such.

    hope it's an improvement.

    http://files.filefront.com/zpo+farmhous ... einfo.html

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    Looks awesome :D

    I'll install it as soon as the servers are sorted out.
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    Installed :)

    And please don't use filefront - it freezes Firefox on the dedi and when downloading locally I get about 3kb/s. :(

    Rapidshare ftw.
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    gig... I fucking love you! :cry: <---- (tears of joy)

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