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    Hi. This is my map and it's recently been added to the GM ZP:S servers.
    Just making a post asking some people to try it and report some feedback here =)

    Basically the survivors have come across Parling farm- famous for it's high quality bakery products first of all the humans have to use the radio, located in the barn house's attic. Once used, they keep themselves alive to find the military are going to bomb them! They must search for a way to escape, they read the notice board in the kitchen to find a secret tunnel hidden under the grate- except a truck has crashed on it. They must travel into the field and retrieve a stick of TNT from the tool shed. Once done, they must find a key to open this grate- found somewhere in the barn house. Humans go down to find a laboratory, looking as though someone has been testing on zombies. They must close the door and await for the bomb to go off- killing everything outside the lab. The military then say an APC is on it's way to rescue the remaining survivors. They must exit the lab and grab the Anti-virus from a crashed truck nearby to the gate, then get to the gate itself and wait for the truck to arrive. They get on and escape the horror of parling farm...

    Beta 2 is on its way. There is a change log here as follows:

    -Added map description.
    -Fixed an odd clip on the escape truck that appeared on some rounds.
    -Barn power on/off text hold for longer.
    -Barn power on/off switch reset time increased.
    -Removed a few pills from the house's kitchen cupboard.
    -Improved the house defences a little.
    -Added light to the lab.
    -Lowered "defend the house" objective time to 1 min.
    -Moved guns around a little.
    -Barn house now has a ladder in which players can access the roof and attic.
    -Added 2nd tunnel way out from lab.
    -Added explosive barrels.
    -Added guns to the lab for longer survival.
    -A few other minor tweaks.

    The list may still grow if people give me some feedback. These changes should make it slightly easier for humans, and easier for zombies to access the barn. Hope this will help the map gameplay run smoother.

    *note* in the near future voice acting will be updated. Currently it sucks X_X
    *note 2* I may remove the "find the key" objective if the map is too long to survive.

    Try it out and let me know what you think =P

    Thanks for looking.
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    Re: zpo_parling_farm

    Some screenshots here:

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