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    i hate hammer editor, BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
    but i like making the odd map so here's another one. (uploaded to server)

    this one's an objective map where you basically crash your helicopter into the side of a mountain (because you're drunk/an idiot/can't fly, it is foggy though so that might be the reason) and have to find a way to escape.
    you do this by walking from the crash site through the caves and along a cliffside to get to a cable car station thing but the power's off (suprise suprise) so you have to go turn it on.
    however the power needs to be turned on at the other end so you then go into a small hut around the back and use the radio to call for help, which then turn on the power at the other end (and take their time doing it too).
    you then get to ride the cable cars down the mountain but everyone at the other end is dead so you have to get out of the building via a window (the door happens to be locked so get the keys from the room nearby first) and then you escape using the bus that the dead people used after smashing through some car wreckage.

    any constructive critism/suggestions would be useful as the map is obviously far from perfect.

    there's also a hidden cookie somewhere if you can find it, you can't eat it but there's some equipment and such you can use.

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  2. Re: zpo_snowbound

    We all love an happy fairytale, so lets try the map for a week or so and see what people thinks. :D
  3. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zpo_snowbound

    Great map. Nice detail and simple yet challenging objectives. People had alot of fun and i had a great laugh watching people fall off the cliff :>. 2 pointers though 1)add more defences to the cabin. just 1 tank can rip it apart so add a few more hammers 2) add a very small delay to the cars after the lever is pressed, alot of people get kept behind because of people who rush in and leave everyone...

    Well done, another fantastic map!
  4. Re: zpo_snowbound

    I have a quick runthrough for this map, and i must say it is one of the fantastic maps that I recently come across. As longbow said, this is a challenging and detailed map, however, I found some blemishes when in a full server.

    It seems that when there are many players (maybe 2x), ammo and guns are not adequate - it is a formidable task to push forward and get through the cliffside, let alone defend the EXTREMELY fragile cabin (umm...i am not sure how long i should defend becoz there is no timer) and secure my life in the crowded cable car. Hence, I suggest spawning more weapons and ammo at the beginning as there is a long way for survivors to go.

    Also, I found a dire glitch: Survivors can jump onto the top of the cable car and then go down the mountain along the cable directly!!! In other words, survivors can skip the "defend the cabin" mission and they don't need to wait for the cable car to operate. It is a bug which must be fixed, umm...making the cable do harm to humans maybe a feasible solution.

    I sincerely hope that this map can be further improved and bring much fun for the players.
  5. gig

    Re: zpo_snowbound

    thanks for the comment.
    it depends on which server you played it on, the map was designed for normal play rather than the modded server. the original intention was to make sure it was moderately easy to kill off a few humans before getting to the hut so as to make it more intense for the survivors, a large group of players in a small hut while one zombie throws himself against the door isn't very fun. however i do think the hut and the area between the station and the hut is way too small, so that's something to rectify.

    ah thanks for bringing that to my attention, i didn't figure humans could jump that high especially with the hurt brush sitting on top of the cable cars - more hurt it is then.

    i must admit though by the end of the map i was frustrated by varying bugs popping up out of nowhere all the time (courtesy of hammer :bang:) so i was a little half arsed in some areas. unfortunately i'm in the middle of a project at the moment so i can't easily get this all sorted right away but will do as soon as possible.
  6. Re: zpo_snowbound

    Picture attached:
    Get on the top of the cable car and jump onto where the arrow is:

    I play this map in a normal server, not a modded one. I understand your efforts to keep the game intense, but after testing the map with more than twenty players, it shows that the survivors are not able to stand with that amount of ammo and guns. As you know, 4 zombies will be spawned in a server with more than 20 players, and it is not difficult to imagine what will happen to the survivors when zombie spawns are beside them:cry::suicide:.

    Perhaps spawn much more pistol ammo at the start?? or spawn more guns and ammo in the CONTROL RM???. Zombies can still draw on the chance when survivors are passing through the cave and cliffside, don't forget, after the frightening "defending the cabin" part, zombies can still slaughter humans in a tiny cable car. It is still a very hard job for human and the map is still challenging even if humans got greater firepower.:)

    One more thing, I think adding a suffix to the name of the map would be better, such as _b1, _v2...
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  7. gig

    Re: zpo_snowbound

    well i don't want too many guns and ammo at the start otherwise it'd end up being way too easy, but i'll stick more ammo and weapons in throughout the map mostly in the new larger hut.
  8. Re: zpo_snowbound

    :dance::dance::dance:looking forward to playing the new version

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