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    version 2 of snowbound -

    minor cold damage in any unsheltered areas on the mountain top.

    more damage added in appropiate areas. (such as on top of the cable cars)

    human clip added to the top of the wires.

    the hut and the area around it has been made much bigger.

    there is an 8 second delay between using the cable car levers and the cable cars leaving. (game_text to inform people of this fact)

    messages last a little longer.

    more sounds and textures. (small amount)

    more ammo, weapons and medkits throughout the map.

    the second station now has two escape routes - either look for the key (which is randomly placed) to unlock the lavatory door or push aside the barricade that is blocking the front door.

    hidden cookie room made larger and with more equipment.

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  2. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    looking forward to playing it
  3. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    I tested this map with 1x players yesterday. This version is interesting, but we find it can be further improved. Here are some suggestions:

    1.Cold damage system:

    This idea is innovative and makes the game even move challenging, but I think the current system is too harsh for survivors.
    Even though I only take a pistol and a melee, It still costs me at least 30 health (omg!!) to pass the cliffside, then get to the station, hut and return, not to mention taking big guns and, at the same time, being perpetually attacked by ZOMBIEZZZ. It makes the mission totally impossible to accomplish.

    More pills in the hut may give humans a chance to survive this critical situation or, even better, Is it possible to imitate the drowning system in zps, which means survivors can recover from cold damage when they stay indoors? It seems more reasonable and realistic that survivors can get better when they're in a warmer shelter.

    2.Few problems with the cable cars

    First, I found a bug--the damage you added to the top of the cable cars would also do harm to those inside the cable cars. In other words, you must not jump inside. If your head touches the roof, you'll suffer from dire health drop.

    Secondly, the area inside the cable car is too small. As you know, in zps, when two people are standing on the same spot, their attack would be of no effect, and that's exactly what happens inside the cable car. When there're, let's say, 6 ppl in a car, survivors are not able to attack as the bullets are blocked by other teammates. We cannot jump onto the seat, cannot move, cannot shoot, cannot get close to the window and what we can do is waiting for death.

    I suggest increasing the area of the cable cars, maybe make the cable cars bigger, longer or remove the seat,etc.

    Thirdly, I don't know if I am right or not, but I guess your original idea for the cable car part is letting zombies to get into the car from the hole on the top. However, in the actual gameplay, zombies also get in through the windows, and it seems that the survivors are not in a cable car, but are exposed in an open area. When survivors keep away from the window, they overlap and cannot attack; when they try to spread out, they get killed by zombies or damage caused by cable car.

    So, I think adding half piece of unbreakable glass to each window can help balance the gameplay. With half-opened window, we can still shoot to help those in another cable car and prevent zombies from getting thru the window.

    3. Objects in the cable car station

    Zombies can use them to block the way when survivors are in the hut.


    4.Amount of guns and bullets

    As to bullets and guns, there are enough for 14 players and I am not sure if it is sufficient for 2x players. Still, I think putting more pistol ammo at the starting point is desirable.
    I know you're worried more ammo would make the game too easy, but, in balanced maps, such as biotec and harvest, even though there are adequate ammo and guns, it's still very challenging.

    To be blunt, no matter how hard we tried, we are not able to win a single round as survivors. The theme of the map is really attractive but the present version is totally biased in favor of zombies. It is not just difficult, but impossible for human to win. Sorry for my long-winded comment but I do sincerely hope that zpo_snowbound could be an well-balanced, detailed, epic map.
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  4. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    Gig hasn't been online for a week, so i think he is on holiday. I'm sure he will take your suggestion to mind when he returns. He is constantly adding bits onto it and (I think) is still planning a better ending.

    FYI - I won the map as a human with ~15 players (~3 survived.) All it takes is coordination with a sprinkle of sacrifice :/
  5. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    Very good feedback zombieking! *thumbs up*
    I think your points definately aim at the current problems of this map.
  6. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    You and your teammates must be god-like.:aaaaa: But I think you would agree this is a mission impossible for 2x players, right?
  7. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    I was with 5 friends who play ZPS quite regularly, so we are a pretty good team :D

    Anything over 25 players would be very difficult as ammo would be chewed up alot quicker. Another thing is that all the players have to know exactly what to do, lest they waste ammo that wasn't worth firing. (e.g, running to the cable cars and waiting outside them with an AK when they don't have the power on.)
  8. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    Well...of coz I mean 20-24...it is not possible to set up a server with 25 players, isn't it? With 20 or above players, 4 zombies would be spawned at the beginning...then unimaginable:bang:
  9. gig

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    nope, my hard drive unexpectedly self destructed and i was unable to recover anything from it. :suicide:
  10. gig

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    whee, got everything sorted now so i can continue doing stuffs :D

    nice feedback, thanks :)

    1. my bad, i wanted to stop campers is all. at the moment the damage is 0.5 a second, will change it to 0.2 a second i think. and add a few more healthkits.

    2. the damage thing will be sorted.

    i don't know what to do with the cable cars, making them larger by any amount that would make a difference would look silly. i'll think of something.

    well the idea was to enable zombies to get through the windows as well, which is why there are window ledges :3 humm, i'll make the hatch on top a lot stronger.

    3. damn those crafty zombies :(

    4. i think you're right, the map is hard whether there's lots of ammo or not. i'll sod it and go uber with the ammo :monocle:

    one other thing you missed is in the hut where when you smash a window they all break, an hilarious mistake :awesome:
    aside from that i'll make some visual changes too and, as longbow said, a better ending ^^
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  11. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    Great, can`t wait to test it out when all is done :D
  12. Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    God! Please don't let this map die! I am still waiting.
  13. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    I have no idea whats going on. I havn't spoken to gig for weeks since as I havn't seen him online (although he pops on occasionally, but still I havn't managed to catch him.) With your fingers crossed he may still be working on it.

    In the worst case scenario, he has gotten himself a life and will most likely drop this :(
  14. gig

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    rest assured that i will finish it sooner or later, since i'm on a job hunt it's more likely to be later. however when i do release it i will post it on the official zps website and not here since the gm zps servers have been dying for a long time and are now (or is now, technically) dead. this will be my last post in the gm forum.
  15. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zpo_snowbound_v2

    Let me know when the map is finished or needs testing ect. I'd be happy to help out.

    Good look with the job hunt mate. Take care and come online every now and again for a game or two! ^^

    gig was kredit to ZPS teem!! eempossible he has to go :(

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