ZPS 1.6.2 update

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  1. Longbow Victorique <3

    ZPS 1.6.2 update


    -Increased hardcore damage ratio to 50% for bullets.

    -Increased hardcore damage ratio to 65% for explosions.

    -Increased hardcore damage ratio to normal for melee attacks.

    -Changed infectionrate to 75% in Hardcore mode.

    -Satchels have a 10% radius decrease (very minor).

    -Fix for suicide spamming.

    -Fixed a bug that sometimes caused crashes when turning hardcore on in ZPS maps.

    [size=+3]HARDCORE MIGHT ACTUALLY BE FUN NOW!!!!![/size]
  2. Re: ZPS 1.6.2 update

    Fantastic m8, thx for fixing this. It shall be tryed out :D
  3. Re: ZPS 1.6.2 update

    Finnaly, hardcore was too hard anyways. Can't wait to play it with you guys. :3

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