zps 1.6 update

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  1. gig

    zps 1.6 update

    =====1.6 (7-27-2009) ======
    +Hardcore mode added

    -Enable for one level cycle with sv_hardcore cvar. Indicated in game name with a lowercase h (ZPS 1.6h)

    -Turn on permanently with sv_hardcore_alwayson cvar. Indicated in game name with an uppercase H (ZPS 1.6H)

    -sv_hardcore will be set to 1 automatically for maps with a zph prefix.

    -Hardcore mode enables the following features:
    -Decreased weapon efficiency.
    -Increased zombie life counters.
    -Dramatically shorter round time limits.
    -100% infection.
    -Increased number of starting zombies.
    -All starting zombies start off as carriers.
    -No delay in starting zombie regen after being damaged.
    -More effective zombie push.
    -Survivors spawn with weaker weaponry.
    -Survivors get 1 point for every 30 seconds they survive.
    -Barricades have half health.
    -Survivors can see the scoreboard as zombies see it. Minus infection indicators.
    -Infected that turn will change into carriers.
    -An on-screen timer is enabled.

    +Late joining as a human is now disabled. Late joiners only spawn as zombies now.

    -In-game tips added to help players realize this.

    -Default timer for joining the round extended to compensate for poor connections.

    +Zombies that leave or suicide with a high amount of health will add one spawn to the zombie life counter.

    +The "Half magazine" drop ammo amount was removed.

    +Text added to indicate who said a voice command, and what the command was.

    +Large weapons now take up two slots in the inventory.

    +Added testmode as a checkbox for starting a listen server.

    +Added default icons to the map browser. More icons to come.

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  2. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    Sounds like an epic win. Guys get downloading now!
  3. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    Hardcore mode sounds fun, its now just-like-it-has-to-be if you are fighting with zombies: Every fucking hit by them means you are doomed, muahahaha *thumbs up*
  4. gig

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    hardcore mode is a little gay, while it has the right idea it's rediculously hard. i'm all for a challenge but when it takes 9 headshots with a shotgun to bring down a whitey...
    still, it brought in a few more players. until they got pissed off anyway.
  5. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    Ok, now thats a bit too much fire the zombies can take .....

    Btw, gig, you're W40K fan ?! ^^ <3
  6. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    W40k ftw :P Space marines shall rule the lands!

    ahem. Hardcore mode is ridiculously hard. Rifles have become obsolete since 1 clip can't take down a zombie, and by the time they've reloaded the zombie has already regenerated to full health. After around 20-30 rounds playing on Cabin humans didnt win once. I lived the longest scoring 4:21 by camping behind the wardrobe in white house :>

    I want an update for it pronto :(
  7. gig

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    well i just play the dawn of war games, much fun they are. :P
  8. Re: zps 1.6 update

    Hardcore can maybe be sometimes fun; but it is way too hard.
  9. Re: zps 1.6 update

    ZPS 1.6?
    Strange, never heard of that before.

  10. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: zps 1.6 update

    Awwww, damnit ......

    Well, a little tabletop battle with my Imps / Demon Hunters / Black Templars (nothing else than imperial forces, burn the herictic and destroy the alien!!) would have been too much trouble anyways, as if i'd like to drive into another country for a tabletop battle xD

    We need a W40K thread i think ^^

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