ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

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  1. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    Well, i have more or less ignored that mod for a long while now, but yesterday a friend of mine intended to play with me - and i dont had any idea what to do X.x

    So ..... i would be really thankful, if you guys could tell me anything about how to become good there (play a lot, i know ... but some tips would be helpful) ... just installed it yesterday, and was a bit ... "Erm .. WTF ?!" ... I was called a noob, because i even got -1 at score board (got blown in my team's bomb explosion) xD That really hurt in the ass .... after a few rounds i got the basics (i think), but to know some "pro stuff" (like pyro blasting uberd guys in TF2) would make it eaiser to become better, so i can challenge my friend ;)
  2. Re: ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    Okey i can give my 'pro' tips... atleast how i play:
    1. Before connect to any server, check what maps they are playing.
    Zpo - means objective.
    Zps - means survival.
    Survival are a lot easier then objective for humans, coz you can camp together and kill limited waves of zombies, coz in objective they are unlimited, so i recommend play survival until you get enough skill. (Will know how much ammo and what need to kill zombie fastest as possible). To learn objectives maps, run a listen server and type in console sv_testmode 1 and try complete objective map as much as possible, until you will know everything you need to do on map (note that objective can be also time survival...)
    2. At roundstart check what you should to do, if weapon's spawn positions are close, you can simply press panic and run to weapons better then pistol.
    3. Often other people drop useless guns and such, pickup them and if you have kind of that, unload gun and drop it, you will have a gun + ammo from gun you droped.
    4. Aim in head 2.5 damage, but if you can't...
    5. If you have barricade tool, do not waste it as fast as possible, coz retreat and bring a temp wall behind back is good enough, you can DEstruct your barricade by pressing E, if it is not damaged.
    6. If you have IED or grenade, make sure you will not hurt yourself, in some kind of tunnels and doors possible to kill zombies with explosive without hurting yourself.
    7. If you shoty and rifle, share it damn it! Always share stuff you don't need.
    8. If you see ladder, it's good spot, stand on top of it and kill everyone who is climbing up (headshot) ;)
    9. If you're not sure what's infection rate is... bring up console and type 'infection_chance', note that whitey can infect (basicly, only he)
    10. You can't hurt your team with barrels and such if friendfire is off, it's quote usefull to find such explosives and with friend Defend each other ;)
    11. Melee weapons aren't so bad as you may think. They deal more damage then zombies hand. In groups survivors can kill zombies with next tactic: 2 of survivors in front of zombie running back and shooting with pistol while 3rd on maybe more survivors are breaking zombie's back ^^
    12. Ppk isn't damn it useless, if 10 survivors have Ppk and aiming in head with full ammo, then they can kill around 40 zombies :P
    13. To-be continue.
  3. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    Wow, nice post.

    I played some ZP:s before, but i wasnt really good at it, but i should give it another try I guess :P
  4. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    *Phew*, now thats a lot of knowledge you share there, thanks ! =)
  5. gig

    Re: ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    a few more things -

    the IED has a much bigger range than you think and seems to kill you instantly (unless you have armour) even if you touch the outer radius of the blast, so stay waaaaaaaay back.

    rifles: mp5 does the least damage but is also the lightest and shoots bullets out at a very quick rate, ak47 does the most damage and shoots the slowest and also has a very slow reload, m4 is a balance between the two.

    panic is almost useless if you use it when the zombies are close, since they can sprint for several seconds and replenish it with each hit. i'm not sure about using panic at the begining of a map because A. if you happen to bump into a zombie you're pretty screwed and B. all panic does is drop everything apart from the weapon you currently have selected and recharge your stamina to max, and since you're carrying so little to begin with and have full stamina it makes very little difference in speed.

    don't waste ammo, pick off your shots! (obviously). the zombies want you to waste ammo so they can maul you when you have to reload (especially with the ak). and as tom mentioned headshots do more damage but they also knock the zombie back a considerable amount if the headshots are consistant, even with pistols.

    a little trick you could try is pretending you don't know the zombie is there, it usually works if you have a good ear. basically if they think you don't know they're there they walk at you in a nice little straight line, then all you do is wait until they get moderately close (not too close!) and pile a load of easy shots into their skull. best use it when there's lots of space though and only one zombie.

    oh and i put emphasis on the afore mentioned sharing of weapons, two people with one gun is much more effective than one person with two guns.

    erm, that's all i can think of at the moment that tom hasn't already mentioned.
  6. Re: ZPS ..... any tips for a newby ?! =)

    The best tip I can give you is to stick with the team. Share guns and ammo you dont need. B polite, act nice and people will return the favor. ;)

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