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  1. Mister Spuds I don't understand what's going on here...

    Comic test.jpg
    Comic 2.jpg
    Thanks for reading my first comic was actually really fun to make even if it is completely shit :D
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  2. Dark Ruff ruff

  3. Dan Chief Detective at GM Police HQ - Jagex #1 Fan!

    u r da best

    luv dan + bobo

    much penta

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  4. Dark Ruff ruff

    image uploading 101

    1. take shitty photo
    2. open in paint and resize to 10x10 pixels
    3. save as low quality jpg
    4. open in windows photo viewer
    5. zoom in as far as possible
    6. screenshot entire monitor
    7. upload resulting image to imgur

    bonus round: use obsolete operating system
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  5. Dark Ruff ruff

    my mum after seeing me play super fast shit on osu:

    "oh god you've gone into japanese mode again, don't forget they hurl themselves on their swords sometimes"
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  6. Gaw discord is my friend now

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  7. Dark Ruff ruff

    Just accepted a permanent job at Jagex as a graphics programmer :D
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  8. Dark Ruff ruff

    Well that was quick

    Got a call this morning to tell me I've got the job!!
  9. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

  10. Gaw discord is my friend now

    We've noticed a large increase in 'rating bombs' being thrown around recently. Improper usage of ratings can often be tactful and hilarious, I'm guilty of it myself. But just bombing threads with ratings for no good reason isn't allowed on GM, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it in the future. If you see it happen, report it to any of the senior staff, don't retaliate. It isn't difficult to remove rating privileges or issue bans. Nobody who cares about Gaming Masters wants it to turn into troll festering grounds, and inappropriate usage of lovely functionality we have available here is going to lead to that.
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  11. Geit Coding wizard!

    New Rank images.

    The title says it all, enjoy!
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  12. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I'M BACK

    Now that I am no longer living in FUCKING RURAL IRELAND my internet is considerably better:


    Now excuse me while I catch up on a week of porn internet! :dance:

    Also tyvm @Sim for your G400! Your scottish scent tingles my nostrils upon every mouse click :feelsgood:
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  13. Gaw discord is my friend now

    03:43 - Hellreaver: I have a huge man crush on @aKIBA
    03:43 - Hellreaver: it's unreal
    03:43 - [GM] Gaw: as in you would legit have sex with him?
    03:44 - Hellreaver: bi
    03:44 - Hellreaver: I mean
    03:44 - Hellreaver: no
    03:44 - Hellreaver: LOL
    03:44 - Hellreaver: b and i are exactly to the left of n and o :(
    03:44 - [GM] Gaw: quotes thread
    03:44 - Hellreaver: and I was 1 cm left
    03:44 - Hellreaver: FUCK
    Last edited: 26 Aug 2014
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  14. Harv Admiral Anchovy

    Speed, what the fuck is wrong with you?
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  15. cenpls Original Bhoomika Gupta

    The best thing about this is the dungarees.
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  16. Falsey John, the Goldfish: Never Forgotten

    Went to dinner with my girlfriend and her parents + sisters yesterday. First time I had ever spent more than five minutes in her family's company.

    Started alright, dished out some pretty sweet smalltalk, got to Nandos. Things took a turn for the worst, however, when we were told we'd have to wait for 15 minutes for a table. This resulted in the six of us waiting by the door, menus in hand, with barely any chatter (her family, while nice, are infamously non-talkative).

    We get to the table and her dad catches on that I still have no idea what to order. I explain that I'm not a big fan of chicken and have never been to a Nandos before, but I'm sure it'll be fine. I think he interpreted this as me needing help, however, so he spent a few minutes explaining how the menu works to me.

    After I had figured out a dish (butterfly burger?) it came to deciding the sauce. Now, I showed some apprehension going for the spicier sauces (there's like, a tier list) due to my experience with the spiciness of Portugese cuisine compared to normal spiciness, so he went across the restaurant and got me several 600ml glass bottles of the sauces for me to dap on a tissue and try. The stuff literally wouldn't come out, however, so I had to hold it while my girlfriend pounded the end.

    Surprisingly, no catastrophe occured with the first bottle, but I decided it was too spicy for my liking. So, it came to the second bottle. Same procedure; gf hitting the end while I held it.

    I got some on the tissue and gently lowered the bottle down to the table, where it immediately exploded.

    Half our table was now covered in about 600ml of Nando's Medium PERi-PERi Sauce, with the glass shattering in all directions. A shard swept across her mum's finger, causing a cut that required two plasters from the kitchen to stop the bleeding.

    In the awkward silence that immediately followed, I could only do the natural thing - dipping my finger in the motionless puddle of sauce, tasting it and then announcing that "Actually, this one's alright."

    tl;dr 20mins into dinner with my gf parent's and I made her mother bleed
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  17. How I imagine Gaw turns his PC off every night...

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  18. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    Graduated today! :V

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  19. Meh Aegyo