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  1. ima Bean Go ham or go home.

    Picked up my mums phone to quickly google something

    last search: how to have fun in the bedroom again

    oh god why
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  2. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Had some fun today.

    Stopped off at a truck stop to fill up on gas and grab a pack of smokes.

    While at the gas pump, car pulls up to the pump on the other side of mine. Lady driver with a guy passenger.

    Guy hops out of the car and heads into the store. Lady starts filling up and is visibly distressed. Almost in tears.

    Me, being me, inquired what the problem was. She explained she only had $5 to use for gas and it had to last the rest of the week.

    Without being asked, I offered to top off her tank from my fill up. She thanked me and accepted my offer.

    While filling up their tank, guy returns and decided to take offense at my generosity. He inquires if I think he can't provide for his girlfriend and tells me he doesn't need my charity.

    Still filling tank, I explain that it's no problem for me and I would really like to offer some help.

    He throws a punch at me and clips me across the jaw.

    Head snaps back, but I don't stagger at all. I've been punched many times before, and much harder than this fellow.

    I remove pump handle from tank, point it at the young man, and spray his jeans and sneakers in gasoline.

    He dances back, now sodden with very flammable fluid, as I remove my lighter from breast pocket of overalls.

    I calmly return pump to gas tank and resume filling up their tank, all the while just staring at the would be pugilist. He keeps a far distance and remains silent.

    Pump clicks on full, I remove handle, and return to my car to resume filling it up.

    They leap into their car and leave rapidly.

    Finish filling up my car, buy pack of smokes, and head into work.

    It was a good start to the night.
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  3. Gaw discord is my friend now

    TTT is now back online!

    • PointShop 2 updates and new content
      • New clientside "My Settings" tab allows you to disable all items, activate lowend mode or adjust draw distance
      • Weapons can now be bought and equipped via PS2
        • You only receive 1 clip, so you will have to scavenge for ammo like everyone else
        • The old donator F5 weapon menu is gone, as I feel it was unfair to regular users
          • As compensation: Bronze VIPs - 5 credits, Silver VIPs - 10 credits, Gold VIPs - 15 credits
      • Pets and Trails tabs have been removed for now. You can equip your existing items no problemo.
      • Added the Rebirth Crate and Key
        • Very rare items include Popstar Ahri, Korra and a permanent 50% fall reduction boost
        • You also have an extremely rare chance of getting an Unusual Hat or Accessory (we tf2 boys)
        • Improvements and more crates will come if this trial is popular
      • Introduced a drops system at the end of the round
        • You have a 10% chance of getting a drop
        • Drop pool includes all weapons, the Rebirth Crate and the Rebirth Key (extremely rare)
      • Added 20% Speed Boost items to the shop (untested, may be changed)
      • Added Weed Item Bundle:
        • Snoop Dogg, Snipars and Mr. Dank playermodels
        • Mooove bitch, Nichismoke, xxXSerialPervertWeedmanXxx, Don't worry and BIG WEED taunts
      • Added taunts and other items I don't remember it has been too long
      • Organized Player Models into categories
      • The shop is approximately 60% faster and more responsive due to optimization
    • Online Store (it now has to be
      • 25% sale on all items until August 7th (next sale will be at Christmas)
      • You can now pay with Stripe or PayPal. Hopefully soon I will be able to accept bitcoin, mobile, giftcards and hundreds of other payment methods. Not guaranteed that will happen though.
      • I will be keeping a small percentage of the transactions to try and recuperate all of the money I've spent, but rest assured the vast majority of the money will go towards TTT and other upcoming servers.
        • 15% of transactions will be retained long-term for emergencies, to prevent this happening again
      • Type !store in chat to view your packages and/or visit the store
      • Top donators are automatic now
      • Monthly goal bar added
      • Credit packages have been changed and been made more clear. On average, they are cheaper than before
      • 5 Rebirth Keys available for 10 credits (5 for the price of 2, compared to PS2 price)
      • All existing raffles have concluded, new Rebirth Keys raffle added
      • Bronze VIPs now get a 10 credit discount on Silver VIP
      • Silver VIPs now get a 25 credit discount on Gold VIP
    • Added Betting again!?!
      • All of the bugs have seemingly been fixed now
      • Can bet when 8 or more people are on the server
      • Only admins and VIPs can bet
      • For the first 30 seconds of the round, you can bet on Innocents or Traitors
      • Winning bets will double your stake
      • Maximum bet is 25,000 points
    • New scoreboard
      • Looks pretty rad
      • Admins and VIPs can set their own custom tag and colour, and change the colour of their name
        • Your real rank and icon cannot be changed
      • Inappropriate tags will receive a one-time warning, and then a ban if continued
      • Points are now displayed on the scoreboard
        • If you have more than 999,999 points then the scoreboard will look pretty not rad
      • Extensive right click context menu on the scoreboard
        • Admins can easily mute/gag/kick/ban etc very quickly and effortlessly by right clicking a name
    • Sidebar
      • Reduced size so it doesn't needlessly take up the entire height of your screen
      • Updated buttons that didn't work
    • Other stuff and disclaimer
      • Definitely stuff I've forgotten, but have fun exploring it
      • @Reaver helped me test everything, and we didn't see any immediate problems
        • But there will be bugs and balance issues so don't be shy to post about them!

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  4. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

    So today I got an Amazon gift box and thought "Fantastic my gift is here I ordered, now I can wrap it up, chuck a christmas card in and send it off"

    I open it up to find it is my fucking Secret Santa and that I've just opened my own present when we're not even in December, so I guess that I am going to be the first to post a photo!

    Thank you Spuds for the amazing Normandy figure from Mass Effect! It is awesome and has earned its place on my desk!


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  5. Silly pyro >_>
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  6. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    That's a goat...
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  7. Dark Ruff ruff

    Finally finished subtitling all this shit

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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Gaw discord is my friend now

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  10. Buratinho Активный Член

    Goat doesn't like when you make fun of him

  11. Cactus The key is to never give up

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  12. Humpers GM's Resident #420Fag and general twat

    Confirmed as Gamerdile Mk.II
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  13. Bagman Some cunt on the internet

    Here are some pictures from my trip with Meh to Dreamhack! - So let me take you with me on our trip!

    2013-06-15 07.31.56.jpg


    2013-06-15 09.33.54.jpg

    Met some cool dudes on the train and talked about League and HoN - waiting for the next train from *swedish name* to Jönköping

    2013-06-15 09.46.26.jpg

    Last train thank god

    2013-06-15 09.47.32.jpg

    New filter for Instagram - blinds

    2013-06-15 12.14.34.jpg

    Fuck man, first line already.

    2013-06-15 12.26.03.jpg


    2013-06-15 12.50.47.jpg

    The main stage and just *one* of the halls full of monitors.

    2013-06-15 12.57.31.jpg

    Another hall, you get the idea, drunk camera.

    2013-06-15 13.02.12.jpg

    Our dear Ninjas in Pyjamas hanging out.

    2013-06-15 13.12.23.jpg

    The LoL stage before it was overrun by people.

    2013-06-15 13.39.45.jpg

    Store had some fun stuff 2013-06-15 13.40.10.jpg

    2013-06-15 13.47.46.jpg

    Welp. There goes the lunch money.

    2013-06-15 14.47.58.jpg

    The line for the LoL stage!! People were forming a line like 2 hours before!

    2013-06-15 15.02.44.jpg

    All seats taken, fuck it we'll stand.

    2013-06-15 15.04.35.jpg

    Apparantly we're blocking fire escape routes and are told to fuck off to the side, this keeps happening until they say "get away from the walkways entirely" ... k so we'll just stand where we can't see the screen?

    2013-06-15 15.31.23.jpg

    Fuck da police, we sat down in the Starcraft area and laid down on the floor to see under the curtains. Also sexy view to Deman and Quickshot.

    2013-06-15 15.39.37.jpg

    Some people left their seats after champion select! Victory - also why would you leave after champ select?

    2013-06-15 15.45.21.jpg

    Kinda interesting how our casters aren't even using their screens but watching a seperate monitor.

    2013-06-15 15.40.10.jpg

    Sitting down!

    2013-06-15 16.28.50.jpg

    The most final picture i have of Meh's mousepad, he will probably post the final result with autographs along with who signed :)

    2013-06-15 17.47.19.jpg

    Stalking Snoopeh and Yellowpete...

    2013-06-15 19.21.26.jpg

    Dinner while waiting for the busride home...

    2013-06-15 19.21.33.jpg

    Already ate mine :C

    2013-06-15 19.30.34.jpg

    But it's K, AP GP is still OP

    2013-06-15 20.13.50.jpg

    Bye bye Jönköping!

    2013-06-15 21.12.42.jpg

    Finally we can rest our eyes and relax...

    2013-06-15 23.33.49.jpg

    The disappointed faces that it was over already

    2013-06-15 23.34.06.jpg


    Oh wow the images turned out huge

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  14. Dark Ruff ruff

    fuck off
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  15. Infernal Dragon I love people very much.. with ketchup

    Just freshy-freshy from Thailand

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  16. Hello everyone! Well, last week I was given access to Geit's supreme camera that had loads of fancy bells and whistles and I took a few photos - I thought it would be nice to have a showcase of what I took and see if other people have any photos they particularly like that they have taken!

    Please use spoiler tags to make sure loading can be kept to a minimum!

    Here's what I took:

    I'm sure you've all got photos you're proud of - so let's see 'em!

    EDIT: I also compressed the images in those shots so that they would load quickly - hence the slight distortion/ JPEG rape
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  17. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Very useful application, it removes any redistributable packages (such as DirectX and .NET installers) found in the files of your Steam games.


    Cleared up over 2GB for me. Free download available here!
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