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    [pixelfont=10:1v4nx5ty]we should set up a time limit, and after this limit has passed it is yes, or get a |gm| member and try it again if you got better. Leaving them in oblivion is not fair. But read below for my proper concern[/pixelfont:1v4nx5ty]

    I'd like to discuss this, cause' it comes a bit astounding for me.

    Do we need better players for the Teams, or are we going to establish even more teams? Or do we expand in the sense of being not a TF2 only clan anymore. Is it just to get the servers full, or do we need more donators?

    I'm asking this, because i think that the non-team players will always have the feeling of being second class members. And with a growing size of the clan, this won't get better, but even worse. But we can't set up 20 teams on ED...

    I know i'm not a leader, so i shouldn't care about that, but if i was leading the clan i would go a totally different direction:
    Right now, being a member means, that you may read and write in more topics in the forum; It means that you, have the opportunity to play in an ED team, and you know the TeamSpeak Channels, etc...

    What we don't do in this clan is to amplify the feeling of being a kind of family. We don't have any events that we all do together. You don't get that fellowship feeling. I'm sure this is much better in the Y-Z Teams, but it is basically not there for the standard members. I don't say that some of you aren't good friends, but there is missing something. The bigger this clan gets the harder it will be to get this feeling.

    I would concentrate more on joint training sessions. Or inner matches, or something like that. Some knockout tournaments for example. I don't know... But i'm sure there are possibilities to increase the affinity everyone has to the clan. Having 100 members means, that we are a community and i'm pretty sure if we really have 100 members, this clan will split again, or the good players will leave and found some 'elite' clan, and the spirals begins...

    possibly some of you think now: what does this stupid guy want from us; it would have been better not letting him join, but i wanted to let you know about my thoughts.

    (Hope you don't kick me for that post...)

    mfg Myke
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    Yeah i like the thought of more innerclan maches, and maybe a set time like every sunday and every thuesday or something.
    About the 100+ thing, i never thought of that but you got a point, if the number of players grows and the number of teams doesnt grows with it, it aint gonna work.
    I dunno what a solution for this might be though.
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    I agree with your points. 100 members is a community and not a clan anymore. It would be insane to have a clan with 100 members, therefore I think we will cap the max number of people to ~50. At the moment we have 39 clan members.

    Also, I think a max of 4 weeks would be a good timelimit as to when we will decide if a person will be accepted into the clan.
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    Yeah 50 members and a 4 week time limit sounds good. I was just joking about the 100 members thing :P
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    Sounds much better! =)
    i already saw this clan break apart...
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    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and yes. In a sense we need a lot of things to work out and balance them to ensure the clan's growth and
    stability. Players come and go in clans and we need a healthy volume to take the losses. You are right that 100 is a bit.. much.
    ED is not the only EU league, there are others and im sure some teams can compete in different leagues.

    You should and do care about the direction the clan is going because we all make up the clan. Without us there is no GM. The teams play matches against competing clans, but they dont have any events of note until now and we are trying to change that. But i want you to remember that GM is fairly new and still has to settle in its place. We have had a lot of changes lately and they have to mature.

    I think you are right and because of that i have started the first of events comming friday, it will be open to everyone and I hope ppl will have a good time. It is necessary that everyone understands that you are free to say or do anything in this clan. If you want to host a specific match find a server admin (if your not one) and register a timeslot on the match server. If there are any special requirements it might take a little longer to get things done but anything is possible.

    No one gets kicked for speaking their mind....
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    Thanks Z3Ro.NL,
    this was the reply i was waiting for!! A constructive feedback, of what's going on.

    I really endorse, that you took the initiative and started this friday matches! I'm sure this will minimize the fluctuation problem clans are facing.

    I'm looking forward to how [GM] will improve!
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    We are working on ways so everyone can compete on the level they desire, but it will elaborate a little later on that as we need to get things sorted out. I think the inner clan matches will be a good way for ppl to see what they want, casual or hardcore.
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    i for myself, am not going to play on ED soon, but i'd like to play some matches against other clans just for fun, cause it has a completely other intensity of playing than just pwning a few n00bs on our public servers.

    But for that i'd like to be in a relativly stable team. Kind of [GM-Fun]: those who don't play serious (because of a lack of time, or because they just don't want) but still wonna play matches.

    We will see, i think GM is now heading in the right direction... =)

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