<3 Bouncing Effect

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  1. <3 Bouncing Effect

    See it in action on ZeroNL's profile (looks best because it's at the bottom)
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    OMG nice.
    By the way, how and WHERE have *you* learned all this stuff. Like reading one page and knowing instantly? ;-)
    would be glad if you could give me some hints/links or so.
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    Another amazing piece of coding. :)
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    I've been learning programming (specifically web programming) for roughly a year and a half now (I've been doing programming in general for 3-4 years).

    Here's how it all started: http://tizag.com and http://w3schools.com - they have good tutorials in basic XHTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (that's my recommended learning order).

    Next, move on to http://php.net and study all the useful bits PHP manual (yes, its huge :lol:).

    By now you should be able to create powerful, database-driven, semantic websites at a professional standard. :D

    And for the fancy bits (ie. the bouncing effect, fading, all that crap) learn jQuery and Ext JS (both extremely powerful Javascript libraries, and learn them in that order) after learning Javascript.

    Toss in some average Photoshop and Flash knowledge, and you'll be roughly where I am now 8-) :lol:

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