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  1. ????

    whats the future of GM?
    what will happen to the parts of GM?(GM-Y,GM-Z,GM-X)
    will it be something different than before? will we result better scores than before?
    why cant we be a clan like the first time?
    everybody are in different groups now and we arent a clan anymore!
    i remember the first time of GM and GL. everything was great:the players,the server and all the other stuff.
    but now everything is strange. everybody wants to be serious. everybody just wants to achieve something
    (i dont mean the TF2 achievements!!)
    well ok its nice to play in matches but i think thats just for fun!
    maybe you know what i mean
    sorry for my bad english
    Fafnir(@midlife crisis@18)
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: ????


    I understand your apprehension about the new direction the clan is taking. It does represent a sea change, and it will alter the character of the Gaming Masters clan.
    Gaming Masters is a TF2 clan, not a country club. It is a community of people bound by the common goal of excellent TF2 gameplay. We don't have "something to prove," but we all should be striving to improve our own playing abilities and helping fellow members do the same.

    [GM-Z] is a serious team. It is made up of six people hand-picked by KennethJ and Mextor, two of our top players. It will be made up of GM members who have demonstrated the highest level of ability in overall gameplay, communications and teamwork. The Z team will compete on the EnemyDown TF2 ladder, and will hopefully make a name for GM among the other clans.

    [GM-X] was created to take the place of the [GM-Pro] team. It is an 8-player team whose members are chosen by its leader, Darkimmortal. It will also compete on EnemyDown.

    [GM-Y] is everyman's team. It is another 8-player team, which will also compete on EnemyDown, but it's roster will be determined SOLELY by merit. This means that ALL clan members have the opportunity to be a member of this team, if their skills are up to snuff. On a weekly basis, the team leader (I Am Nomad) will check the status of all GM members who are not on the X and Z teams and will assign members to the team using the sKill formula I created earlier (which uses HLstats data and takes into account the amount of time a person has played).

    The [GM-Y] team was created for people like you, Fafnir. Its members will be chosen fairly and justly. If you wish to be on the Y team, improve your skills. This way, EVERYONE has the opportunity to be on a competition-level team.

    The three teams allow 22 GM members to play on EnemyDown. That leaves out the other 17 people. But, those 17 other people should be doing their damndest to kick, fight and bite their way into the Y team. In the meantime, those 17 members can use the match server to play non-ED clan matches. And, they can play friendly matches against one another. I predict that the Y team will be so competive that it eventually will surpass the X and Z teams. Anyone care to help prove me right??

    Yes, Fafnir, this is a turning point for Gaming Masters. But this is a good thing. Because, why call yourself a Gaming Master if you're not going to try to be one?

    I Am Nomad
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    just noticed the change on members page ;)
    well then, I'd say everything is pretty much *normal* now :S
  4. Re: ????

    thanks IAmNomad, for explaning more about it. :)

    So when will the first match be for the GM-Z team?

    btw do we have a home page or intro on the enemydown website? more like a CLAN DETAIL section yet?
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    no matches yet, will take about 1-3 weeks. They check every application, and we didnt even apply until now.
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    @Team leaders (KennethJ, IAmNomad): We can't apply to ED until I get the match results page on the website completed. I can't say exactly when I'll finish it, but hopefully it will be sometime today or tomorrow.
  7. Re: ????

    Im ready for this 8-)
  8. Re: ????

    You never know guys, the Y team can defeat the X and Z team :)
  9. Re: ????

    not with me as Med ;)

    but i'm looking forward to playing with/against you.

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