A couple questions

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  1. A couple questions

    I have some questions that are needing some answers from some good people.


    1. So I have been playing prop hunt for a pretty long time now (you may have seen me as Bluemar00n [Prop Veteran] or An Engi named Gottam [Prop Pro]) and for some reason I am not on the ranking list, I've checked my Steam name many times and when I type in !rank during game it always says "Failed to Query, Error: " Is there any way to fix this problem or am I stuck as an anonymous player?

    2. I was checking the Prop Hunt map win/lose list on the ranking and saw Badlands, Granary and Lumberyard. Is it safe to assume that those will be playable PH maps soon?

    Thanks to anyone who can help or answer
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    Re: A couple questions

    1.There's a problem with the stats system that we haven't bothered investigating till now, it appears that new players fail to log almost all the time, we're working on a fix which should be deployed soon.

    2. No, that's some server admin loading those maps for some reason beyond us, I'll remove those entry's from the DB now.
  3. Re: A couple questions

    okay thanks a bunch

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