a few changes?

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  1. gig

    a few changes?

    hohum, the zps servers have been lacking players lately; mayhaps a few changes are in order?

    suggestion time:

    hmm, first i'd probably say get rid of zblock. while it is a most wondrous thing, all it seems to do is make people leave which, you might argue, is a good thing since you don't want that kind of people hanging around. however people inevitably attract more people whether they're decent or stupid and if someone did cause problems by rejoining then that's what admins are for.

    second you should probably get rid of rank. rank is almost completely irellevant in a game like zps where there are no sides and you can just avoid being a zombie altogether and even if you didn't it's completely random as to who gets the short straw, so it doesn't work out. looking at the other servers that are often populated, the majority of them didn't have rank anyway so it probably shows that the players either generally don't care or dislike it. besides it's not keeping anyone around is it :?:

    lastly add some new maps and update the nominate list! it looks pretty neglected. oh and on the neglected note, there's still an auto message advertising that people should try playing on the #5 coop server. funny. :roll:

    suggestion time over.
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: a few changes?

    We will probably take the easy route on this and shut down yet another ZPS server due to low demand, but we will try to look into your suggestions before we do so. I will let dark do the honours of a detail post about why the above can/can't/shouldn't be done.
  3. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: a few changes?

    I agree. The server lacks new maps and the current ones are boring.

    Z-Block: Yes its good when the servers are crowded- but that is clealy not the case. The server has a gazillion admins to do that job. Removing it would hopefully populate the servers more.

    Rank: New people who visit the server tend to get intimidated by the system, since regular visitors would have alot of points as opposed the their inferior thousand. Meaning they'd leave to find a "less competative" server.

    Just my opinions towards this matter...

  4. Re: a few changes?

    Even though I don't play the game anymore, I agree with the first post and think those would be good ideas to raise activity.

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