A new GM squad ?

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  1. A new GM squad ?

    Well, title said it. Who is interested in forming a new GM 6v6 squad ?

    Since GM'F is the only squad and half of it's members aren't even in the clan, I find it a good idea to form a squad with members.

    What you need to know is following.
    1. Good at your class
    1a. Atleast 20-30 hours as your primary class
    1b. Know tactics for your class (i.e. rocket jump/sticky jump)

    2. Maps
    2.b Know the tactics on those following maps. More instructions will be give later, though, if we form the clan.

    I will be a solly and the lineup would be the following

    2 Scouts; Dark
    2 Soldiers; Alpha- Garion
    1 Demoman
    1 Medic

    1-2 subs are necessary aswell

    If your interested, and got skills ofcourse, contact me on steam. If I'm not on just send me a PM via forums and I will reply asap.
    I will be playing some pugs with you, and see your performance ofcourse ;)

    Name will be discussed.
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  3. Re: A new GM squad ?

    Alpha got pwned by Spyko :D
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    People wanted teams to play matches, and when someone finally volunteers to make one, there's no interest ! I tried to help this clan, getting matches and teams and stuff, and all I get is trolls like you two !

    Why can't people just stop fucking complaining about few matches if they can't form a team. Its a fail to just randomly pick some members in the clan for each match.

    I, myself, want to play some matches. If I can't form a team with you guys, I guess I have to move on and find a new clan. Community, after months, is not even close to fun anymore. It was fun but playing on Dustbowl, same map, for about a year is annoying.
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    Oh I get it, fuck it then since I'm not wanted here I can aswell just leave.

    Can't really see a point in me being here. No matches, no teams, no fun, same servers with same maps over and over again for over 6 months.

    Good bye
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    There's about 2-3 major match maps, and not very many others. Believe me, it gets much more boring.
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    Why so serious?

    There ARE people in this clan who want to play on a competitive level. Well, the problem is that also this persons pick their leader, not only the leader them. So don´t be nasty mate :)

    edit says:

    byebye :)
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    Producing another team is going to take time, its not going to be something thats instantly there. Consider the time it took for Z/F to get together?

    Time and experience is everything, its only been about 1-2 days since this request.
    You have to take into account the members knowing and playing with each other, letting alone wanting to be there and available to play - building up bonds.
    Being on vent with teams, seems to me theyve known each other a looooong time being able to communicate like that and have a laugh but play competitively at the right times. Mix & Match
    Also puts alot of strain on the leaders of the squad the amount of time and effort thats required, its not as simple a task as it sounds.


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