A very small plea

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  1. A very small plea

    If there is one thing I love to see when i'm playing TF2 its seeing a competent online friend playing a medic and looking after my happy ickle heavy. Unfortuantely sometimes, for some reason, I turn round and I find that I have aquired 3-4 medics following me, whislt my poor team mates are having to fend for themselves!

    If I've already got a medic in tow with me, I won't be needing another one at that moment in time.

    Please spare a thought for all the other players on the team as some of these guys and girls can turn a game around and they need you as much as I do, but always remember, they will never love you as much as I do :D

  2. Micky Mick rolling since 07

    Re: A very small plea

    Haha mate is funny. Strange for some reason I don't seem to be on your team so much so I don't heal you very much, but I've seen it happening.

    Micky 8-)
  3. Re: A very small plea

    So it's finally come to this!
  4. Re: A very small plea

    lol but the medic train is how people know where you are disco!
  5. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: A very small plea

    lol when I'm really owning with demo I found myself quite often with 3 meds as well :shock:

    It's good to have to have more than 1 medic (which is not rare at all, to have 1 medic..), but with more meds but like that than it's basically the same as one med...
  6. Re: A very small plea

    Its because they lurrve you :lol:
  7. Re: A very small plea

    you should make a spray saying something like "because of financial difficulties, i can only afford to pay 1 medic to follow me"
    and heres another one "since i have been put on the sex offenders register i am only permitted to have 1 medic following me" that one might keep medics away from you.
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: A very small plea

    Or, "My health insurance carrier does not permit more than one provider at a time." XD
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: A very small plea

    sawry disco :( I won't heal you anymore xD
  10. Re: A very small plea

    Ahhh Disco xD -- I find this to be hilarious! -- But let me tell you from the perspective of a person who's second class is medic why we follow you:

    (1) Everyone loves to Disco Indigo (well, this isn't really an excuse -- more like a comment =P)
    (2) You run forward to the point that if you didn't have more than one medic healing you then you would be down, and then no one would be able to do (1)
    (3) If I see you being healed by another medic and I join in, it's usually because I want to wait there for someone else who has recently died to respawn! =P

    So there's my three main reasons, your health drops so rapidly that one medic is not enough sometimes =D and everyone wants to Disco in Indigo!
  11. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: A very small plea

    I try to heal you at little as possible
  12. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: A very small plea

    Ew?! :roll:

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