A Warning

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Dark, 18 Oct 2008.

  1. A Warning

    The dedicated server is currently running on borrowed time. There are serious issues in some of the low level windows files and a possible dying hard disk. The first signs of this appeared last night when it suddenly shut down for no reason and, according to tigit, was throwing up all kinds of errors when it tried to boot.

    Luckily, they managed to temporarily fix it, giving me a chance to backup just about everything important to RS (> 10gb xD). But that's the thing - I can't guarantee any HLStatsX or ZPS Stats changes since yesterday remain after it is formatted. So don't go mad trying to get another 10k points or whatever :P
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    Dedi down again... could be tigit working on it or (more likely) the error has returned.

    Anyway, I'm glad I made that backup :)
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    Re: A Warning

    Dark - they are responsible for h/w errors but in any case it looks like a complete rebuild is in order. Can we get a planned slot to take it down? What sort of outage is envisaged?
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    No it's not a hardware error - just a completely messed up windows installation - all it needs is a format (shouldn't take longer than a few hours for us to get everything reinstalled once tigit are finished :))

    Also, I made a more recent backup of the HLStatsX and ZPS Stats databases earlier today :D

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